• Noah

Special Midday Meme Of The Day! Constitutional Right Removed!

by Noah

The Republican Party has gotten its wish. Their uber-activist judges have taken away the constitutional right to an abortion. The life-saving care that an abortion can provide will no longer be an option for millions of American women. Once again, the GOP has shown that it is a Death Cult with a particularly misogynist bent. John Roberts has assured his legacy with this decision.

Let us also remember how the deciding justices lied to the $enate about their stances when questioned during their confirmation hearings. Let us also remember that Chuck Schumer threw the vote on Roberts to the whole $enate when he could have prevented that by not letting the Roberts nomination out of the Judicial Committee. Let us also not forget Joe Manchin.

It's no surprise that Republicans saw this as a way to be oppressors of women and shatter their dreams of equality in our society. Most of all, right now, let us not forget a lying smirking worm named Susan Collins and the voters who gave her a position where she could gleefully ruin so many lives.

Much more to come, of course.


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