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Some Of The Best And Worst Democrats Running For Congress Are Congregating In The New NY-10

NY-10 is a pretty ideal district for a progressive candidate to run in, especially because there is no incumbent. Mondaire Jones was pushed out of his Westchester, Rockland County district by slime bucket Sean Patrick Maloney (with Pelosi's help) and Jones decided not to challenge fellow progressive Jamaal Bowman, whose district now also includes some of Jones' constituents. Instead he decided to run in a district an hour away that spans lower Manhattan and northwest Brooklyn. Unlike Maloney, who would best serve America and the voters if he disappeared, it is imperative to keep Jones, an important future leader, in Congress.

Former NYC mayor Bill de Blasio has also announced he is running and he's kind of progressive, even if not up to the same calibre as Mondaire Jones. But no one imagined that it would just be the two of them running. Among the other Democrats already contesting the seat are Ian Medina, a crackpot running in several districts around the country simultaneously, Brian Robinson and Patrick Dooley, the pro-cop conservatives in the race, Ashimi Sheth, Elizabeth Kim, Yan Xiong... and there are rumors that former Manhattan Boro President (and former NYC comptroller) Scott Stringer is thinking about running. Also former congressman Max Rose, a conservative Blue Dog who lost after one miserable term in Congress and is officially running for his old Staten Island-based district but will probably bail on that because it's too red now.

And, speaking of conservatives, it's possible that one of the worst members of the New York state legislature, state Senator Simcha Felder-- basically a Republican who runs as a Democrat-- will run. No one but Hasids and Republicans ever vote for him. And there aren't enough of either

in this district to give him a real chance.

State Senator Brad Hoylman was already campaigning but ended his campaign when Mondaire announced his candidacy today.

And then there's Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou, an admired militant movement progressive. This sounds like music to our ears, right? "In this fight, it is not enough to elect more Democrats if they are not willing to cause good trouble. We must elect the right Democrats. We must elect Democrats willing to put in the work and fight hard every single day to make our democracy truly for everyone, and build the better America that you deserve.. I am running to hold accountable the people who rigged our economy, trashed our climate, profiteered during a pandemic, and cheered on the rise of white supremacist violence like what we saw in Buffalo. We will not do that with the same go-along, get along approach advocated by the same go-along, get along politicians. Our loved ones, our neighbors, and our families deserve better than that. You deserve better than that."

Yuh-Line Niou is really hated by the Murdoch-owned media, meaning she must be exceptionally good.


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