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Revolution Coming? Hopefully Not This Weekend

Pro-insurrection Republicans in Congress and in state governments are warning that the FBI is rounding up the fine, peaceful tourists who strolled through the Capitol on 1/6. The GOP wants you to fear that if you hear a knock on your door, it could mean a government thug is going to hold you down and shoot you up with a fake vaccine that turns you into AOC or that he's going to grab all your guns and ammo-- or even arrest you for sedition. Be scared; be very scared... and vote straight Republican in November.

Below is the full documentary Richard Rowley, AC Thompson, Karim Hajj and Jacqueline Soon did for PBS and ProPublica. Above is the PBS trailer. It's part of the investigative series PBS and ProPublica have been working on for 3 years about the rise of violent right wing extremism in our country.

If you don't think this is serious, watch the trailer and then the full video. Re-watch the NY Times visualization of the 1/6 Trumpist coup and insurrection. The GOP really has become the party of sedition, insurrection and political violence. "I think about a revolution against the government. We're past the point of peace," one of Trump's Proud Boys told the film crew. "We're the ones crazy enough actually do something." The narrator noted that some of the Proud Boys wore patches that said "RWDS"-- right wing death squad.

This morning I spoke with Karim Hajj, one of the producers of the documentary and a principal at Midnight Films, which had the film for Frontline and ProPublica. He was also one of the cameramen so, he was up close and personal with every single one of these people, who he assured me, are not as stupid and insane as I always assume. And not as dangerous-- at least not in a macro-sense-- as many of us worry. "It's important to correctly assess the threat," he said. "In my opinion, these groups aren't capable of doing many of the things they claim to want. But they are definitely capable of violence and as they radicalize further, they're more likely to cause real harm to everyday people."

He is more interested in where the threat of domestic terrorism and political violence is emanating from. He never uttered the word "Trump" in the entire hour we spoke. "When you have elected officials and members of law enforcement," said Hajj, "consistently saying that an election has been stolen and democracy has been subverted, you can begin to understand why people might act this way. It doesn't excuse the behavior, but it's important to recognize the role that people with power have played in all of this... I'm concerned about where we're headed. The energies that propelled right-wing extremists haven't gone away even as some of the groups continue to change and take different forms. We have to continue to be vigilant about the threat they pose, and really try to understand the factors that motivate those individuals."

You'll need to click on "watch on YouTube" to see it. I recommend you do just that; it really is excellent:

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