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Republican Party Governance

I can certainly understand why voters are sick of the Democrats and want to teach them a lesson, a lesson likely to come in November in the form of some stunning losses. The Democrats deserve it. For one thing, they haven't lived up to their most basic campaign promises. Where's a living minimum wage? Where are affordable prescription drug prices? What happened to lowering the age of Social Security and raising the tax rate on multimillionaires, billionaires and oligarchs? Even the diced and sliced and barely recognizable Build Back Better couldn't get the Democratic votes it needed to pass. And while we're at it, why isn't Trump in prison? And student debt? What happened with that?

In response to a question from a voter at the Democratic club last week, about disillusioned young people Jason Call noted that "Young people are saddled with falling wages and skyrocketing rents. Yesterday an executive from Applebee’s was caught on email bragging that high gas prices were good for business because it made their employees more dependent on their income and less likely to demand fair wages. A grotesque overture to union busting. Meanwhile, people are seeing their rents increase by 15%, 25% or more. Just yesterday, a friend told me her apartment complex is raising her rent by $250. She’s 30 years old and works full time at a local hospital. She expressed her frustration, saying 'I feel like there’s no way to get ahead. There’s no way to save. Every time I feel like I’ve taken a step forward, something knocks me back.' Property values in Seattle and surrounding areas have doubled in the last 4-5 years. It’s great for landlords. But it’s terrible for renters, which is most young people."

He continued that his message to the local party groups he meets with is: "If you want young people to get involved in politics, you have to show them that you understand what they are dealing with in this economy, and you have to give them hope for their futures." His campaign is about justice-- economic justice, social justice, climate justice; it's about wanting to live with dignity. "I can’t pretend that the future for young people today looks anything like the one I grew up with. Climate breakdown. College tuition. Healthcare. Wages and rents. And war. Always more war. But we can change that. Young voters have proven that they WILL turn out when we address their material needs and concerns. That’s what my campaign is focused on."

If the Democrats forced Pelosi to retire as Speaker over the weekend and asked her to not run again in November, it could help... maybe even a lot, especially if she took Hoyer and Clyburn with her. Somehow, Pramila Jayapal, has persuaded or succeeded in an end run around Pelosi for authorization for a hearing on Medicare for All next week in the House Oversight Committee. I wish I could say the Democrats will pass it the week after. Anyone want to bet they won't. I'll give you 100 to one odds.

House Republicans wrapped up their 3-day annual plotting session at the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa, a <>posh<> resort in the private beach community of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida yesterday, where they sat around exchanging ideas about how to trick working Americans to vote for them.

Ponte Vedra Beach is less than 20 miles from downtown Jacksonville but its a million miles away from the concerns of the people who liven downtown Jacksonville. Jacksonville is the biggest city in Florida-- did you know?-- and Ponte Vedra Beach is part of St. John's County, the wealthiest county in the state. Trump and his sack of grievances weren't invited but they huddled with Newt Gingrich to make use of his expertise in tricking voters into believing the GOP represents their interests. They talked about Biden causing inflation and about being invaded by Mexicans at these southern border.

Marjorie Traitor Greene, Madison Cawthorn, Lauren Boebert, Ronnie Jackson, Louie Gohhmert, Mary Miller, Matt Gaetz and other extremists were not allowed to speak publicly. But while McCarthy & Co. were boasting about what they planned to do when they grabbed control of the House from the Democrats in November, the reality of what happens when the Republican Party takes control of legislative bodies was splashed across one of Texas' biggest newspapers: In a suburban Fort Worth House runoff, Republicans debate killing women over abortion. Bud Kennedy, the reporter, didn't mean murder or extra-judicial killing... he meant state-sponsored executions. No matter how cleaned up McCarthy tried presenting the GOP agenda in the fancy beach resort, the ugliness and reality of Republican governance can't be fully brushed aside. After all, it's who they are. and if your vote is dependent on which candidate is the lesser evil, there really should be no debate on that whatsoever.

Should Texas punish abortions by putting teenage girls and women to death?
Or not?
That’s the current debate in the Republican Party of Texas, where outlawing abortion is no longer a question of “if” or “when” but a question of whether to kill women for getting one.
North Richland Hills Republican David Lowe swears his campaign in the May 24 runoff election has nothing to do with killing women.
“I’m not even a fan of the death penalty,” he told a Republican women’s club luncheon last week in downtown Fort Worth.
But then he went on to praise a House bill last session that would have made ending a pregnancy a potential capital crime.
In other words, Texas could kill the woman, along with anyone who encouraged her or helped.
Lowe’s final comment was chilling.
“Do we all agree that abortion is murder?” he asked the crowd.
“Absolutely. There should be consequences for it.”
...If you’re wondering how killing women became a pivotal Republican issue, that just shows how extreme this Texas primary and runoff have become.
Strong, steady, rock-solid conservatives are up against outlandish challengers accusing them of fixing elections, mutilating children or enabling abortions.
Some other runoffs statewide match faith-and-values candidates who both want Texas governed by the Bible.
They just can’t agree on whether to use the Old or New Testament.

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