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Part 3: A Journal Of A Plague Year-- The Lunacy For Which Republicans Stand. "Best Words," Vol. 1.

-by Noah

Yes, the lunacy for which Republicans stand, as represented by their own words, their best words from 2020. First in a series.

1. Sidney Powell, Trump's #2 "Elite Strike Force" Attorney: Sidney got off to a good start in her career. She was a bit of a prodigy back in her North Carolina days. She was even a Democrat, although that was during the dying days of the uber-conservative Dixiecrat era, so, whatever kind of Democrat she may have been, it was probably an even worse one than today's corporate Dems. Somewhere along the line, though, she snapped. These days, she can't even prepare a legal brief without serious misspellings or vital information mistakes. Donald Trump hires the "best people" and they have "the best words." Check the quote below and see for yourselves. It's from a FOX "News" appearance with a "Night Of The Living Dead" extra named Lou Dobbs. I'll spare you her pronouncements on her buddy Sean Hannity's circus shows.

President Trump won this election in a landslide. It's gonna be irrefutable and we are, patriots are coming forward all day all day, faster than we can collect their information with testimony they're willing to give under oath about how their votes were stolen... It's been organized and conducted with the help of silicon valley people, the big tech companies, the social media companies and even the media companies, and I'm going to release the kraken.

Yeah, and don't forget gig bad general Zod and friends from the Krypton Phantom Zone. Whatever, Sidney, and "we" are going to do it by not counting the black votes, as shown by "our" incessant calls to throw out ballots from the largely African-American precincts of Detroit, Michigan, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Atlanta, Georgia. How damn Trump-ish! It's the essence of the Republican election fraud message. To them, the only legal votes are the ones cast by white folks. Even the RNC Chaircretin, Ronna Romney McDaniel (Mitt's niece) got behind that strategy when she endorsed McDaniel's statements in her fundraising emails and by retweeting them for public consumption. That's who they are, and they are willing (to say the least) to stoke civil unrest to achieve their seditious goals.

In the end, Powell was pulled out of the public spotlight, most likely for upstaging Rudy Giuliani when it came to "speaking the crazy." Even with that, I can't help thinking that, if Powell was a man, Trump would have never "fired" her (wink, wink). Officially, Powell went back to just being Michael "Traitor" Flynn's lawyer a few days before Trump pardoned him but, you know damn well that she's still working for Trump every day, phone calls morning noon and night is my guess. Once these lunatics find each other, they don't drift apart. She just isn't allowed to share the podium with Rudy anymore but who would want to stand at a podium that's covered in Rudy's slimy spit and sweat? Not even the reptilian Sydney Powell.

2. FOX's Geraldo Rivera:

Geraldo thinks we should name a COVID-19 vaccine after Donnie Death Machine.

I think, I had an idea, you know, and, with the world so divided and everybody telling him he's got to give up and it's time to leave and time to transition and a, the rest of it. Why not name the vaccine 'The Trump?' You know make it like, have you gotten your Trump yet? It would be a nice gesture to him... I wish we could honor him in that way...

WTF is this assclown talking about? And who divided us, you fucking moron? Tell ya what Geraldo, why don't we name the virus that has killed so many of your fellow Americans "The Trump?" Jesus, what the hell is wrong with you? And, honor him? Honor Trump? Damn, you need a heap of mental help. No wonder you're on FOX, right there with the other mental cases.

When I first heard the above quote, I imagined the laughs he would have gotten if he had said it on an open mic night at my local comedy club. "Ladies and Gentlemen, let's hear it for the avant garde comedy stylings of Geraldo Rivera! Geraldo Rivera ladies and gentlemen! Geraldo Rivera!"

Now, I await Geraldo's prime time show centering around a vault that allegedly contains Hunter Biden's darkest secrets. He'll give it a month long build up of course, but, in the end the vault will be a musty, empty vessel, Al Capone's vault was and just like Geraldo himself. Oh, and jeez, Giraldo! You gonna keep that 70s porno mustache forever? Is it even real?

3. Donald J. Trump:

Heeere's Donnie, on the death of his brother Robert back in August. Of course, it's all about Donnie. How else would a deranged narcissistic psychopath eulogize his brother?

Well we did interact and he was always there and he was, you know, he wasn't a jealous person he was a very smart guy, but he wasn't, you know, he would be there and he'd be behind me and if I became, I had the number one show, if I had big success, and no matter what I did, whether it was real estate deals or anything else he was right there, in many cases helped very much with whatever I did and then when I became president he was I think one of the most loyal people, he, there was no jealousy, you know, a lot of times in families, I hate to say it, but there's jealousy and especially among children, and among children that are competitive children, is because he was very competitive. There was not an ounce of jealousy, he'd go around talking about how great this is for the country and it's so incredible and he was my biggest fan, people would tell me all the time, I spoke to your brother and your brother was always so thrilled, and so thrilled at what was happening, and what was happening for the country. He was so angry with China, because of what happened where the plague came in and they shouldn't have allowed it to happen, they could have stopped it, he was so upset by that, it was he couldn't, more than people would be upset. A lot of people have already forgotten, and you can't forget. But he was a fantastic guy.

Wow, that's some damn run-on sentence, Donnie! And, as I said, it's all about you. No empathy whatsoever. What a sucking black hole of ego you are!

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