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Part 17, A Journal Of A Plague Year-- Say It On A Sign! Republican Signage "Best Words," Vol. 12

by Noah

When it comes to Republicans, nothing says I'm a nutcase like a sign! Sure, when they see a microphone they'll run to it and start babbling about blood drinking pedophiles chewing on baby parts, ebola caravans, the evils of socialism they themselves partake in, voter fraud, and just about anything being a hoax if it gets in the way, but when they put those deep inner thoughts on a sign, well, let's just say, it pays to advertise. Who could forget 2009's "Youth In Asia Will Kill My Grandma" or "Thank You FOX News For Keeping Us Infromed?" "Infromed?" Well, spelling and vocabulary are generally not Republican strong points. But, enough of the past. This post is a collection of some of my favorite Republican signs of the dreadful year of 2020. They are a decoded Rorschach Test of the Republican mind circa 2020.

1. If you want to see Republican's eyes glass over as they dive into a fit of fear and/or rage, just hold up a Black Lives Matter sign or just say the 3 words. The whole idea of black lives mattering sends them into a tizzy. The Social Distancing/Race Mixing meme above leads us to a couple of truths. First, conservatives fear 'the black' as much now as when the image on the right of the meme was taken. Second, stuck in the 1950s as they are, the minds of republicans will twist anything into the communist threat, even social distancing, just as they always have. It's as if just the word 'social' upsets them. Social Distancing = Communism? How? I don't get it. I guess you have to be a Republican.

2. Here's Dawn Perreca of Michigan. See Dawn proudly hold her sign for the camera. See Dawn spell the Governor's name wrong. See Dawn draw her swastika backwards. See Dawn just being the full flower of who and what she is. Very good, Dawn.

3. How about being so devoted to your message that you feel you really have to put it on a billboard? God, Guns, and Trump. I guess the billboard's creator forgot the other Republican sacraments of incest porn and meth.

4. Speaking of Billboards, how about White Pride Radio/Alt Right TV? And you thought the only radio that republicans listen to is Tokyo Rose imitators like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, religious swindlers, and 24-hour Pat Boone music stations. Well, here's proof that unlike Limbaugh and Levin, there's a radio outlet out there that just comes right out and says what it is. Who advertises on White Pride Radio and Alt Right TV? My Pillow? GOYA? The KKK and Chick-fil-A?

5. Do you wear the evil face mask? Do you think COVID-19 is real? Well, then you best not be going into the store in Kentucky that proudly posted this sign. Of course, I don't know why you'd want to even enter the state. I mean McConnell and Rand Paul? 'Nuff said. And don't get caught sleeping while black in Kentucky. Their cops have ways of dealing with that, and they'll get away with it too. Forget it Jake, it's... Kentucky

6. Speaking of COVID-19, wanna know who's really to blame? Well, who else? Just do the math. I'll give the woman in the picture credit for being able to add a few numbers. She musta made it a few grades past the Heil Witmer lady.

7. Arbeit Macht Frei (Work Sets You Free) is the infamous welcoming sign posted on the gates of Auschwitz so of course republicans would naturally adopt it as their own. The sign is still to be found on the gates and has a devastating effect on the normal people who see it, but, obviously not repugs. This appearance of the slogan was on display at a "Re-open Illinois" protest in Illinois during this year's anti-lockdown protests where it wasn't the only Nazi imagery used by Herr Trump's "COVID Is A Hoax" crowd. The woman carrying the sign was wearing an American flag face mask and, when interviewed, denied being a Nazi and claimed to have "Jewish friends." I'm sure they must feel very comfortable around her. I wonder how she decorates her home.

8. What is it in the republican mind that has led them to obsessing about pedophiles and seeing them everywhere in government, and in pizza shops, too.

They're everywhere, I tell ya! Everywhere! I've seen the evidence! Piles of evidence! Just like voter fraud! I saw it on the internet! Er, a, well a friend of mine saw it. It's on FOX, too!

9. The fact that the screen cryon below appeared on Newsmax, the new go-to off the cliff news choice for republicans is both extremely ironic and eerily spooky. I wish I didn't have to show so many Nazi embraces on the part of Republicans but they are who they are. There's no getting way from it. The fact that the cyron appears under a shot of Trump giving a white power hand sign makes the whole thing ever more frightening, sad, and a wake up call America chosses to ignore at its peril. Over 70,000,000 Americans endorsing this with their votes again makes it beyond horrific. This was the republican party in 2020, fully embracing its Nazi core and its desire for total autocracy. It's been creeping that way since at least 1960 and the other party has shown no intention of doing anything but meet it halfway no matter how far it goes.

With that, I will put an end to "A Journal Of A Plague Year." It's a journal that only skims the surface of how ill the psyche of this country is and where it's rapidly going.


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