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Part 12: A Journal Of A Plague Year-- The Lunacy For Which Republicans Stand. "Best Words," Vol. 8.

-by Noah 1. Kayleigh McEnany, White House Press Secretary: A lot of lonely, bitter guys think all women lie. Some of them turn to blow up dolls for "comfort." But, how bad is it when even a blow up doll tells you lies and nothing but lies on national TV? Kayleigh McEnany, who's first statement to the public and the press was "I will never lie to you," is ridiculous; a complete travesty and gross failure of a life. She has zero trace of humanity, integrity, or decency. In other words, she's the perfect fit for her boss, right down to her freakish plastic face and over-bleached hair. What the hell is going on with those eyes? Her contempt for America and the human race is breathtaking. The Kayleigh McEnany quote above is all the more a representation of her evil when one considers that she, like everyone else in her workplace knew what was well underway with the coronavirus before we did. She had a chance to tell us, more than once. She might as well have shot people with a gun on Fifth Avenue. 2. Tiki Torch Carlson, The Face Of White Supremacy TV: Carlson is also being pushed as a likely presidential candidate for the Republican Party in 2024. That's a natural fit. They might as well pick David Duke. This is what happens when a total racist like Donald Trump goes unchecked. But, hey, this is who and what the Republican Party and its supporters are now and have been for decades. They're just not bothering to even hide it anymore. Carlson speaks for them and he has the ratings to prove it. If you see how Trump has enabled and encouraged white supremacy in his 4 years, imagine how much worse it will be if Carlson moves into the oval office and starts burning crosses on the White House lawn. Here's Carlson back in August, defending vigilante killer Kyle Rittenhouse:

How shocked are we that 17 year olds with rifles decided to maintain order when no one else would.

In Carlson's sick racist mind, black men murdered by cops are "thugs" but vigilantes who kill people protesting such things are "patriots" and "heroes." No doubt, in Carlson's mind, the Mississippi cops and KKK members who conspired to kill 3 civil rights workers, James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner, and then bury them in a dam in June 1964 were also "patriots" and heroes." The only real difference in the intervening period of years? Things like this are now the essence of what being a republican is today instead of an old dixiecrat back them. 3. Rep. Gym Shower Jordan (R-Ohio): Do you like big, well-muscled young men? How 'bout big, hairy, well-muscled young men? Do you believe what happens in the shower stays in the shower? If so, then Ohio rep Gym Jordan is the candidate for you! Plus, Donnie Psycho loves him some Gym Jordan, saying "When I first got to know Jim, I'd say, huh, he never wears a jacket. He's obviously very proud of his body." Hmmm. is that grab 'em by the pussy stuff just part of some kind of elaborate cover? Who introduced Donnie to Gym? VP Pence? Lindsey? Moscow Mitch? OK. Enough of that. Here's Gym Shower Jordan endorsing racist Georgia anti-Semitic "Jews will not replace us!" adherent, Islamophobe and QAnon conspiracy nut Marjorie Greene in her quest to infest the House Of Representatives-

Marjorie Greene is exactly the kind of fighter needed in Washington to stand with me against the radical left and ally with President Trump to take on Nancy Pelosi and drain the swamp.

Sure, Gym. Just what we need, another whackjob Republican Rep who thinks Democrats are all pedophiles, blood drinkers and baby eaters. Well, we have one. She won. Wait 'till she starts complaining that aliens from Jupiter's moons are tapping her phone and trying to control her car. We should be so lucky.


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