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Oregon's Most Unproductive Backward Counties Want To Secede & Join "Greater Idaho"

Overall, Idaho is a backward hellhole filled with white supremacists and neo-Nazis. That makes it attractive to a certain type of person-- and to whole counties in eastern Oregon, Washington and California. Yesterday, an 8th backward right wing Oregon county, Harney, voted for anschluss. Oregon has an average per capita income of $59,938, which would go up significantly if these people all went to live in Idaho. Idaho's per capita income in just $47,685, one of the lowest in the country, better than Mississippi, worse than West Virginia. Harney County joins Malheur, Lake, Grant, Baker, Union, Jefferson and Sherman counties hoping to be part of Greater Idaho.

Voters in Harney County on Tuesday approved a ballot measure which requires local officials to hold meetings about moving the county into Idaho. The measure passed with more than 63% of the vote. The unofficial results were: 1,567 for and 917 against.
Harney became the eighth of Oregon’s 36 counties to vote for considering adjusting Oregon’s border to put much of rural eastern and southern Oregon in Idaho.
“Rural Oregon is declaring as loudly as it can that it does not consent to being misgoverned by Oregon’s leadership and chooses to be governed as part of a state that understands rural Oregon’s values and way of making a living,” said Mike McCarter, who heads Move Oregon’s Border for a Greater Idaho, which is behind the initiatives.
These ballot initiatives are non-binding; the point of them, McCarter says, is to force Idaho’s and Oregon’s legislatures to take up the issue, which is highly unlikely.
If Idaho and Oregon were to negotiate a border adjustment, the U.S. Congress would have to sign off on it.
The other counties that have voted for a Move Oregon’s Border-backed initiative in the last two years: Baker, Grant, Jefferson, Lake, Malheur, Sherman and Union. Two small counties have voted against the border-moving idea.
Douglas and Klamath counties likely will be next to vote.

Oregon's residents are 63% fully vaccinated but all but one of the secessionist counties are below the state average, some very significantly and dangerously so to normal people in the state. Idaho's pathetic vaccination rate is 44%, one of the worst in the country. Here's what you need to know about the secessionist counties"

  • Lake Co.- 79.5% Trump (37% vaccinated)

  • Harney Co.- 77.5% Trump (42% vaccinated)

  • Grant Co.- 77.1% Trump (42% vaccinated)

  • Sherman Co.- 76.2% Trump (53% vaccinated)

  • Baker Co.- 74.0% Trump (67% vaccinated)

  • Malheur Co.- 69.4% Trump (42% vaccinated)

  • Union Co.- 68.9% Trump (45% vaccinated)

  • Klamath Co.- 68.9% Trump (46% vaccinated)

  • Douglas Co.- 67.3% Trump (49% vaccinated)

  • Jefferson Co.- 60.3% Trump (56% vaccinated)

Oregon should consider buying their property and giving anyone who wants to go live in Idaho a one-way bus ticket and a down-payment on a new trailer if they agree in writing never to try to come back to Oregon. The state would be much better off with hard-working immigrants living in those counties.



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