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Anschluss between Idaho And Right-Wing Counties In Eastern Oregon And Northeast California?

Oregon's 60 seat House of Representatives has 37 Democrats and 23 Republicans and the state Senate has 18 Democrats and 12 Republicans. Both state's U.S. Senators are Democrats as are 3 of the 4 Congress members. All the constitutional officers are also Democrats-- the governor, secretary of state, state treasurer, attorney general and commissioner of labor and industries. Oregon gave Biden a strong 56.6% to 40.4% win over Trump.

Eastern Oregon, though, is very red and has more in common with neighboring Idaho than with the rest of Oregon. Politically, Idaho is something on a mirror image of Oregon. The 70 member House had 56 Republicans and 14 Democrats and the state Senate has 28 Republicans and just 7 Dems. Both U.S. Senators and both House members are very right-wing Republicans. All 7 of the constitutional officers are Republicans, although the Lt. Governor, Janice McGeachin, is more a Nazi than a conservative Republican. Idaho is fully on board with Trump and Trumpism. He beat Biden there 63.8% to 33.1%. Of Idaho's 44 counties, Trump won 41. Idaho's panhandle is the home of one of the biggest Nazi movement's in America.

Yesterday, Jessica Flores, reporting for the San Francisco Chronicle, wrote that "Voters in five Oregon counties this year will vote on initiatives that could serve as the first steps in a longshot bid to eventually re-draw the borders of three states, including parts of Northern California in a move meant to join with the more politically conservative Idaho. Move Oregon’s Border-- an organization promoting the 'Greater Idaho' movement of having Oregon’s conservative counties join Idaho-- announced Sunday that initiatives to relocate the Oregon-Idaho border 'to make both states better' will appear on ballots in five Oregon counties on May 18." These are the 5 rural Oregon counties that have scheduled referendum-- along with their votes in the presidential election this past November:

  • Baker- 7,352 (74.3%) to 2,346 (23.7%)

  • Lake- 3,470 (79.9%) to 792 (18.2%)

  • Grant- 3,545 (77.5%) to 929 (20.3%)

  • Malheur- 8,187 (69.7) to 3,260 (27.7%)

  • Sherman- 921 (76.3%) to 260 (21.5%)

These are backward and unproductive counties that mooch off the productive citizens in the rest of the state. The rest of Oregon would be far better off without them-- and the Idaho Reich is welcome to the hellhole backward moocher counties in California-- Modoc and Lassen-- that want to leave as well.

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