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One Party Accepts The Label "Crazy"

Phillip Parrish is a frequent Republican candidate and a loser. He's run, unsuccessfully, for the U.S. Senate in 2014 and for governor in 2018. He's in the midst of a hopeless race for Secretary of State and he just ran for Minnesota Party Chair and lost in a landslide. He's also a crackpot, who, as part of his race for Secretary of state, said that Biden stole the election-- he won 1,717,077 (52.4%) to 1,484,065 (45.3%) in Minnesota-- and that "mass civil war will break out before 2022." Welcome to CrazyTown.

By the way, Biden flipped 4 counties that Trump won in 2016-- Clay, Nicollet, Winona and Blue Earth and he swamped Trump in the Twin Cities Metro, doing better than any candidate since Teddy Roosevelt. Despite an early effort to flip Minnesota from blue to red, Trump didn't flip a single county, let alone the state. On tope of that, his biggest margins were in the low IQ, sick counties with low vaccination rates. These are the dozen top Trump counties and their vaccination rates. For comparison's sake, the statewide vaccination rate is a robust 58%. Notice that every single one of them is significantly behind the state average. Yep-- these are the Trump voters Parrish was hoping to appeal to with his psychotic and dangerous ranting about a civil war.

  • Morrison Co.- Trump 75.8% (41% fully vaccinated)

  • Todd Co.- Trump 73.6% (36% fully vaccinated)

  • Marshall Co.- Trump 72.8% (39% fully vaccinated)

  • Roseau Co.- Trump 72.0% (45% fully vaccinated)

  • Wadena Co.- Trump 71.9% (42 % fully vaccinated)

  • Pipestone Co.- Trump 71.9% (47% fully vaccinated)

  • Clearwater Co.- Trump 71.6% (37% fully vaccinated)

  • Lake of the Woods Co.- Trump 70.8% (49% fully vaccinated)

  • Redwood Co.- Trump 69.7% (46% fully vaccinated)

  • Sibley Co.- Trump 69.4% (40% fully vaccinated)

  • Meeker Co.- Trump 69.2% (41% fully vaccinated)

  • Rock Co.- Trump 68.4% (46% fully vaccinated)

Loony quit the GOP yesterday, leaving the Republicans without a candidate in the Secretary of State race.

Stephen Montemayor reported that Parrish claims his decision had "been coming for several months" and it had nothing to do with getting his ass kickedd by former state Senate minority leader David Hann in the race Saturday to lead the party. "'I leave the MNGOP battlefield knowing I did everything humanly possible to help,' Parrish wrote in a letter to Goodhue County BPOU Chair Ernie Stone. 'The 236 members out of 335 voting members of the governing body chose to continue the MNGOP organization as it stands.' Parrish wrote that he has been with the Republican Party for 41 years... Parrish alleged that he witnessed 'a level of dishonesty and political gamesmanship that was more than typical' in the past week, without providing specifics. 'The level of dysfunction, inefficient use of financial resources, and unethical behaviors are more than politics as usual,' Parrish wrote, adding that 'it is unethical and inappropriate' to pursue his candidacy to challenge Democratic Secretary of State Steve Simon as a Republican."

The GOP is fielding crackpot candidates up and down the ballot, from coast to coast. Glenn Youngkin-- threatened by to Trump to be more MAGA-oid or lose-- is already crying about doing an audit for an election a month away. Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic Party hack candidate released this ad today:

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