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NY Got Rid Of Cuomo-- Politically, Kathy Hochul Is Even Worse

Seppuku Would Have been A Better Idea For Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo didn't suddenly become a piece of shit. Andrew Cuomo was always a piece of shit... although a case can be made that he became worse as he got away with more and more over time. Blue America endorsed his progressive opponents, Zephyr Teachout and Cynthia Nixon but the corrupted New York Democratic political class--including the Working Families Party-- were firmly behind Cuomo. In 2018, Cuomo was endorsed by Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand, Nancy Pelosi, the New York Times...

Born in Queens, like Trump, he also couldn't get into a top-rated school and went to Fordham. And like Trump, every break he ever got was because of his father. You can imagine that someone as politically repulsive as Cuomo would pick a Lt. Governor even worse than himself. It wasn't easy but he found the perfect person: conservative careerist from upstate, Kathy Hochul, a one-term, failed Blue Dog congresswoman.

Identity politics types are overjoyed that Hochul will be the first woman governor of New York. They shouldn't trumpet that too much since she is likely to be a major embarrassment. She started in elective politics as a member of the Hamburg Town Board (1994-2007)-- on the Democratic Party and Conservative Party lines-- before moving up to become, by appointment, Erie County clerk. The only notable thing she did in that office was to declare if undocumented immigrants applied for drivers licenses under a new law, she would have then arrested and prosecuted. That's how fake Democrats get endorsed by the Conservative Party-- which is much further right than the GOP-- in New York.

In 2011 she won a freak special election to replace another political sex predator. Congressman Chris Lee after he was forced to resign. She only won because a well-known third party right-winger, Jack Davis, split the Republican vote. She served out the remainder of his term, distinguishing herself as one of the most right-wing Democrats in Congress-- working to cut programs for the working poor, and, failing to spark any enthusiasm from progressives, losing her reelection bid, though she was endorsed by two of the most disgusting operations in politics, the NRA and EMILY's List. She supported the Republican effort to hold Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder, in contempt of Congress, endearing her to the NRA, but ending any chance of enough support from Democrats to win.

Hochul seamlessly transitioned into a job as a grubby lobbyist for Buffalo's M&T Bank, from where she was plucked by Cuomo to serve as his running mate. No one New York was even remotely aware that she was Lt. Governor.n Ironically, the Cuomo, unable to find anything useful for her to do in his administration, named her to run his "Enough is Enough" campaign to combat sexual assault on college campuses. Cuomo hasn't spoken with her since February. She will become governor in two weeks.

Yesterday, the NY Times reported that she's gotten as far as she has based on "her geniality and work ethic, and amid the fallout of male politicians resigning in disgrace." Watch the video up top... it's all you need to know about Kathy Hochul-- and in her own words. She's proud of what she is.

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