New COVID Wave Sweeps Europe, As GOP Foolishly Declares The Pandemic Over

Yesterday, Axios reported that just 75% of Congress members have been vaccinated. There's no list available but crackpots like Mad Cawthorn have publicly boasted about not getting the vaccine and available data shows that the anti-vaccine "phenomenon is higher among white Republicans than any other demographic group."

Republicans act as though the pandemic is over. It isn't-- not by a long shot. This weekend was tough for the U.S.-- 49,907 new cases on Saturday and 36,896 new cases yesterday, bringing the national total to 30,081,657. There were also 1,666 more deaths over the weekend. The U.S. has 90,509 cases per million residents. 14 states-- all but one states controlled by the GOP-- have over 100,000 cases per million residents. And the Dakotas are the most seriously COVID-ized places on earth.

And Europe finds itself in a third wave, forcing new restrictions-- just as red states in the U.S. defy science again and lift all precautions. Last night, Robin McKie reported for The Guardian that new variants are causing surges across the continent, especially in Italy, France, Germany and Poland, where infection rates are through the roof. "The infection rate in the EU," he reported, "is now at its highest level since the beginning of February, with the spread of new variants of the Covid-19 virus being blamed for much of the recent increase. Several countries are now set to impose strict new lockdown measures in the next few days.

Yesterday alone 9 countries had over 5,000 new cases each:

  • France- 26,343 (62,282 total cases per million residents)

  • Italy- 21,315 (53,264 total cases per million residents)

  • Poland- 17,259 (50,417 total cases per million residents)

  • Russia- 10,083 (30,077 total cases per million residents)

  • Ukraine- 9,012 (33,543 total cases per million residents)

  • Germany- 8,985 (30,711 total cases per million residents)

  • Hungary- 8,863 (53,561 total cases per million residents)

  • Czechia- 6,914 (130,475 total cases per million residents)

  • Netherlands- 5,974 (67,430 total cases per million residents)

In Italy, authorities recorded more than 27,000 new cases and 380 deaths on Friday. “More than a year after the start of the health emergency, we are unfortunately facing a new wave of infections,” said prime minister Mario Draghi. “The memory of what happened last spring is vivid, and we will do everything to prevent it from happening again.”
From Monday most of Italy will be placed under lockdown and people will only be allowed to leave their homes for essential errands. Most shops will be closed, along with bars and restaurants.
In France, authorities have reported a similar grim situation, with health minister Olivier Véran describing the situation in the greater Paris region as tense and worrying. “Every 12 minutes night and day, a Parisian is admitted to an intensive care bed,” he revealed.
President Macron has imposed curfews and other social restrictions in several regions, and many doctors are now pressing him to introduce a national lockdown as a matter of urgency.
In Germany, 12,674 new Covid infections were reported on Saturday, a rise of 3,117 from the previous week, as the head of the country’s infectious disease agency acknowledged that the country was now in the grip of a third wave of Covid-19.
Similarly in Poland, 17,260 new daily coronavirus cases were reported on Wednesday, the highest daily figure since November. New pandemic restrictions are likely to be announced this week, government officials have indicated. Poland already has imposed tight restrictions on social gatherings, most schools are closed, and restaurants can only serve meals for delivery.
In addition, both Hungary and the Czech Republic have reported high infection rates and deaths from Covid and health officials have warned figures are likely to get worse in coming weeks.

But this is what we get from Republican elected officials here in the U.S. Keep in mind that this particular sociopath has nearly 380,000 followers on Twitter.