Missouri's Pink Shirt Embarrassment

The Missouri open seat Senate race is likely to be one of the most contentious in the country-- starting with the primaries. There are already 6 Democrats running and 2 more talking openly about running (the current mayor of Kansas City, Quinton Lucas and state Senator Brian Williams). Of the 6 already in the race, the outstanding candidate-- and the one endorsed by Blue America-- is Lucas Kunce, national security director of the American Economic Liberties Project. We'll come back to Lucas in a moment.

There are also 12 Republicans officially running and 4 more who are taking about running. The biggest names among those already running are disgraced former Governor Eric Greitens, Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler, Attorney General Eric Schmidt and the mansion man who waved guns at a peaceful BLM march, Mark McCloskey. All of them-- but especially Greitens and McCloskey-- are competing for Trump's favor so you can imagine who insane the primary is so far. Greitens has been endorsed by several shady Trump World characters like Rudy Giuliani, Sebastian Gorka, Ryan Zinke, Joseph diGenova and his crackpot wife Victoria Toensing, as well as Kimberly Guilfoyle, Bernie Kerik and hate talk radio host Dennis Prager. The most recent polling-- from far right polling firm Remington-- shows Greitens leading the pack:

  • Greitens- 34%

  • Schmidt- 25%

  • Hartzler- 14%

  • McCloskey- 7%

Today, McCloskey and his wife put down their AK47s-- confiscated by the court-- and picked up some BBQ implements to host what they called McCloskey's 1st Annual Pink Shirt Guy BBQ & RINO Roast, a celebration of the one year anniversary of these two clowns and their semi-automatic embarrassment to the state of Missouri. The entertainment was Mad Cawthorn (Nazi-NC), the MyPillowGuy, ContraGate-era criminal Ollie North and the latest fake version of Deep Purple. I guess the Marjorie Taylor Greene/Matt Gaetz circus was too expensive or already booked. I'm surprised the McCloskey's decided to celebrate an event that Mr. McClosey said has ruined his life.

Last month, Lucas Kunce, a 13-year Marine Officer, released the video above teaching McCloskey how to hold an automatic weapon, Today he ran a series of digital ads highlighting the "humiliation" that led to McCloskey pleading guilty to a crime related to that incident.

The ad campaign includes Lucas Kunce's video challenge calling on “Mansion Man” McCloskey to apologize to the people whose lives he endangered during his viral display of ignorance on how to properly handle a firearm. In exchange for the apology, Kunce will provide McCloskey with Marine-led training on how to safely and responsibly handle a weapon. So far, the challenge has had millions of views combined across social media channels.
McCloskey recently agreed to forfeit the gun he was dangerously handling during his viral moment last year while pleading guilty to a charge that resulted from the incident. The ad campaign reminds both McCloskey and his guests about the importance of actually knowing how to handle a weapon with care.
“After his guilty plea, Lucas Kunce is once again asking his criminal opponent, Mark McCloskey, to take a break from his role as a Central West End Cowboy so he can learn a thing or two about how to actually handle a firearm responsibly,” said Caleb Cavarretta, campaign manager. “If Mansion Man Mark can get over the embarrassment and humiliation to just finally say sorry so he can take up Lucas on his offer for training, he'll still be a criminal, but at least the rest of us will be a whole lot safer."

If you'd like to contribute to Kunce's campaign, you can do it by clicking on the 2022 Blue America Senate thermometer above.