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  • Noah

Midnight MemeOf The Day! Trump, Judge Cannon & The Art Of The Deal

by Noah

Damn. We've got people on planes starting fist fights in midair and obeying traffic lights is now viewed as completely optional on the ground. In Congress, we have cavepeople that pride themselves on their displays of treason, bigotry, and stupidity of all kinds on a daily basis. Same with the airwaves, so is it any surprise that the courts would follow the pattern? The problem is of course, that rules of behavior and law that used to be cherished as integral to the fabric of society are out the window. The closet door of the stupidverse has been willfully ripped off its hinges and chopped into kindling for bonfires.

Last week, I saw Supreme Court Chief Justice express his bewilderment that people now look down upon the courts and their decisions. Really? He's that damn stupid? Apparently he is, even after the demise of Roe v. Wade and the evidence piles up that at least one of his bizarro justices and that justice's wife are co-conspirators in an on-going attempt to bring dictatorship to the United States of America.

"A republic if you can keep it." said Ben Franklin. If Franklin could see all this, he'd be wishing he'd worn golf shoes when he flew that kite up into that storm. Now we see that people like Clarence Thomas and his wife, Lauren Boebert, Lindsey Graham, Marjorie Traitor Greene, Paul Gosar, and all the rest of the usual suspects have a new like-minded confederate in Judge Aileen Cannon of the Southern District Court in a state call Flor-i-duh, thanks to an acolyte of Vladimor Putin and his $enate henchman Moscow Mitch.

In a way, every once in a great while, it's good that the legal world presents us with such blatant examples of how very corrupt a judge can be. It reduces naive expectations by blowing off the blinders so we can keep ourselves grounded in reality rather than delusion. Unfortunately, this is not a good time at all. When we needed the best, we got the worst in the form of Aileen Mercedes Cannon. Rudy Giuliani told us truth isn't truth and now this latest example of court agenda mongering is telling us that law isn't law and Cannon is trying very hard to make herself the fulcrum on which democracy turns and falls into a ditch. A ditch? No, make that a crevasse in the Earth seemingly with no bottom.

Parting Shot:

It's not just us, of course. Over in England, as I wrote this on Saturday, people were standing in a four mile long line for up to a health-damaging 13 hours to pay their respects to the latest deceased matriarch of a centuries old family of slavemasters.

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