Midnight Meme Of TheDay! Hey, Alex Jones, If The Rope Fits, Wear It!!!

by Noah

Watching Republicon broadcaster Alex Jones, a narcisticly compulsive liar, psychopath, and GOP conspiracy propagandist soil himself as he was caught lying at last week's hearing designed to help the jury determine his punishments now that he's been found guilty of defaming the parents of Sandy Hook Massacre victims and turning the lives of the families into living hells as he unleashed his evil GOP listeners on them was quite a bit of righteous entertainment!!! Poor Alex! He apparently had a lawyer from the Rudy Giuliani Acme Legal Aid Society. His "lawyer" apparently accidently sent the prosecuting attorney every bit of the info on his phone, a complete digital copy! I've watched the clip (see below) from which the stills that make up tonight's meme are derived several times and seeing Alex twist and attempt to tap dance and watching his face as the implications of the revelation dawn on him never gets old. They might as well have had some sort of money meter at the bottom of the TV screen to indicate the monetary judgments as they rose by the second. As I write this, the total is just under $50 Million with more, I'm sure, to come. Do I hear $100 Million? $150 Million? Sure it's great to watch him go bankrupt on live TV and who knows what increases or reductions may eventually come, but, for now, it's great TV even if I'd just as soon see him rolled naked in salted glass or hogtied and physically beaten with sticks like a pinata. And what about those Republican voters he mobilized to attack the families of the victims just like Boss Trump mobilized his mob to beat cops, kill cops, and smear their feces on the interior walls of the Capitol Building on 1/6?. Not treating them to the same fate as Jones is definitely a miscariage of justice. Same with the FCC goons who allow people like Alex Jones to incite such evil.

I can only hope that the fact that ol' Alex's phone and all the treasure trove of texts, call history, and all his financial information it contains actually leads him to the total, brutal penniless, homeless, lice-infested fate that he deserves. Whatever the punishment is for the torture he and his sicko Republican followers dumped on the families who lost loved ones in Sandy Hook, it can never be enough. Jones's ex-wife has already filed to obtain all the info he hid from her and everyone else. So has the House 1/6 Select Committee because Jones was at the Capitol Building with a bullhorn cheering his fellow treason goons on. You know Jones is already wishing he'd had Trump's Secret Service traitors, and like-minded subversives in the DOJ, Homeland Security, etc., etc., show him how to wipe it all. After seeing what has happened to their comrade Alex, I bet the Murdochs have instructed everyone at FOX "News," the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal to strictly use burner phones or quietly meet in parking garages when discussing anything with their co-conspirators. Personally, I'd sentence them all to living next door to a 24 hour military burn pit in a gated community from which there's no escape. Their food supply would be daily airdrops of huge bags of giant cockroaches. Let the punishments really fit their crimes!

Ideally, there may be only one way out for Mr. Jones and it should be the fate that his Proud Boy and Oathkeeper buddies had set up for Mike Pence. But, you know how it goes. I'm sure Ronna Romney McDaniel and the rest of the RNC have already set up a defense PAC for him and a few Gofundme accounts, too. Who knows, maybe Ronna and Monkey Girl Marjorie are already pushing for Jonsey to be the VP candidate on a DeSantis/Jones ticket for 2024. That is, assuming DeSantis can win reelection in Flor-i-duh and if their first choice doesn't get the nod again.

One last thought for today: If only we could get to see what's on the phones of Jones's fellow lowlifes too. You know, like those of Clarence and Ginni Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, Gym Jordan, Moscow Mitch, Mo Brooks, Josh Hawley, et al. Hollywood could turn it into some kind of nightly game show. Oh well, for now, we know, we just can't prove it, but, we know.

For additional gory details, check out this clip: