• Noah

Midnight Meme Of TheDay!

by Noah

Well, that explains that! I knew ANTIFA had to enter into it somehow! After all, for Republicans, ANTIFA is the ultimate boogieman. If you're a typical Republican "Ted" fan, ANTIFA didn't just force "Ted" onto that plane, they even caused the polar vortex that brought the ice and snow! It wasn't the decades of deregulation, rampant greed-induced corner cutting that caused the Texas power grid to fail, it was ANTIFA!

How could we not have seen this? It was ANTIFA all along! They must have plotted for years; ANTIFA, "the Deep State" (as advertised on FOX "News!") and, of course, agents of "the Squad" and Bernie Sanders in cahoots with Nancy Pelosi, The Penguin, and Lex Luthor! It all makes perfect sense now! Ol' "Ted" would have never gotten on that plane all by himself, of his own volition, no way! He was made to do it! In fact, I just heard from Sean Hannity who was just talking to Q and he says the whole thing was a psyops thing and that the Democrats have a new thought control beam that they used on poor "Ted" Cruz. He never knew what hit him. He couldn't fight it. He just found his feet heading to the airport with his whole family (minus the dog, of course.) He couldn't stop it. Helpless. Powerless!

Yes, poor "Ted." Now, every time we see poor "Ted," we will always visualize him towing that vacation suitcase behind him like it's a hairshirt on his back, and every step he takes will be a continuing walk of shame. Fuck you "Ted!" Can I get a "Fuck you "Ted!" Hear me, world! Can I get a "Fuck You "Ted!" Come on, America! Shout it from the rooftops! Use the twitter machine. Noontime today! Call it 'The March Of The Ten Million Fuck You "Ted" tweets!' Tell him ANTIFA sent you!