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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Yep, Another GOP "Spartacus Moment."

by Noah

They sure do fall in line, don't they? When Republicans see something that works, they don't even hesitate to get behind it, and now it's the election of a biped (at least out in public) that goes by the name of "George Santos." Always a bigly tent of crazy. Always. One more for the carny row freak show that is the Republican Party.

There really shouldn't be anything shocking about how virtually all of the Republican Party stands with "George Santos" even now with all of the revelations. That they do it so out in the open and even promote it shouldn't be a shock at this point either. Why not? With a relentless dumbing down of the public, why not fully embrace the concepts of idiocracy? They've been doing it for decades. Sure, you can point to the fact that Tricky Dick Nixon was forced to resign but the GOP's subsequent efforts directed at the normalization of utter scum like Tricky Dick, and fellow bagmen like Spiro Agnew and John Mitchell more fully tell the tale. And, of course, did Nixon ever serve even ten minutes in jail? Nope, not even ten seconds. In fact, we even let him live out his days on a sunny beach in San Clemente and do it on our tax money dimes. Then the DNC decided that moving to the right and "Be more like Dick" was a viable strategy for the health of our country and its people. We don't even prosecute the war criminals of either party so now we're paying for the health care of "George Santos" as he openly flashes White Power signs and is applauded by a bunch of his fellow Nazis who roam the halls of Congress and look, talk, and act like they're sniffing glue all day.

To them, being able to so openly test the limits of public bad character (and worse) and getting away with it is a goal, so much so that I see an annual awards show in the not too distant future, complete with "Lifetime Achievement" awards. They've fine-tuned such bad character and getting away with it into a political tool and a means to a nazi end, see Kevin McCarthy and his love for "George" and his welcoming pals like Marjorie Traitor Greene. They are slavishly addicted to it, in this case, eagerly so. They want in on being like "George."

The root of the problem lies in the sorry, limited state of the human condition and within the very definition of what being any kind of politician, in government or not, means but total lowlifes like Nixon and Gingrich, and, more recently Gym Jordan and Matt Gaetz et al. always make a point of pushing the limits so that someone like "George Santos" can come along and be welcome and accepted as "normal." "Santos" became even more inevitable once the whole damn party hitched their star to Traitor Don Trump and decided to still stand by him even after being smacked in the face with the reality of what he is. They saw over 70,000,000 so-called Americans readily endorse such extreme hideousness so they started scraping the bottom of the barrels in search of even more extreme examples. For them, even being a traitor to this country is something to be embraced so how would they even hesitate when something like a "George Santos" comes drifting into Congress on a cloud of sulphur? This is a party that has no problem with someone who really could indulge themselves in the desire to shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and that will come. The only question now is, how soon and how bad will the next goon be, and then the one after that? Why not, it's never never nipped in the bud and it's never properly punished when it grows to full evil flower. Even as I write this, the leaders and worst enablers of the J-6 violent coup attempt are walking around free, some of them in Congress itself and they are doing everything they can to normalize that, too.


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