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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Ye, The Republican Party Is A Death Cult

by Noah

Your Saturday Cartoon:

In Arizona this week, a 14 year old girl was denied a refill of a lifesaving prescription of Methotrexate which she has been taking in small doses for a form of juvenile arthritis that can damage organs and joints and interfere with her growth. The condition is also life threatening. The prescription refill was refused because large doses of Methotrexate can be used to abort a fetus. The refusal happened 48 hours after the Republican dominated Arizona legislature voted to reinstate a total abortion ban based on an obscure and archaic 1864 (before Arizona was even a state) abortion law that is not unlike the national abortion ban that Republicans in the U.S. $enate have said they intend to ram through if and when they regain the majority.

The refusal of life improving and even life saving medications because of Republican abortion legislation is a problem that is sweeping across the nation state by state as republican legislators seek out new ways to control the lives of women right down to killing them. We can thank the John Roberts Supreme Nut Court for that. The case of the 14 year old girl was eventually brought to a proper result but only after she and her family were deliberately traumatized by the republican politicians in their state who knew the human misery their sadistic actions would cause. Obviously, they won't stop there. In fact, the 14 year old girl has no assurance that she will be able to get her next refill.

The case of the youngster in Arizona is one that ended ok and her life will resume but it is only one of tens of thousands of similar cases across the country and not all of those will have a similar ending. Republican legislatures are the "Death Panels" they always bellowed about as the Obamacare legislation was being put together. If anyone thinks that the Republican Party is anything but a death cult, they are useful idiots and nothing more.

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