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Midnight Meme Of The Day! World War Three In Our Own Backyards

by Noah

Trump's mentor Vladimir Putin has now officially made himself into the world's number one terrorist and he is only in the beginning stages of what he is obviously planning to do to Ukraine and the rest of Europe. His expansionist plans are there, right out in the open for all to see every bit as much as Adolf Hitler's were. You'd have to be even dumber than Neville Chamberlain not to see it. If Traitor Trump had been re-elected, he would have destroyed NATO from within and Putin would already be done with Ukraine. He would now have his troops marching on Poland, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania with Finland in his sights. No wonder Finland and Sweden seem to be in a rush to join NATO now. As it is, Putin clearly just sees the strength of Ukraine's unexpected resistance as a momentary hic-cup. He intends to exert as much Russian influence and power on Europe as he can. Even now as I write this, Putin has a better than even chance of having a pro-Russian asset in Marine Le Pen running France after that country's runoff election..

Need I even mention what Putin's American apprentice, with a second term in the White House, would be doing here at home? Hint: 1/6 would be a simple backyard game of "tag, you're it" by comparison; all backed and defended by virtually every Republican you can name just like they continue to back and defend the bloody and murderous events of 1/6. Hey, just a bunch of tourists!

Here in the United States, Putin already has his American team in place. Not only does he still have hopes for a Trump return to power but he has loyal lieutenants in Moscow Mitch and Kremlin Kevin and their teams of seditionist and treasonous comrades in the $enate and the House, plus he has Rupert Murdoch's Russian propaganda channel headed by Russian state television's newest stars Comrade Tucker Carlson and Comrade Laura Ingraham.

And if Trump does the universe a favor and dies before 2024? The GOP will just plug in another one of their goons from their battalion of pro-autocracy knuckle draggers. DeSantis, Haley, Hawley, Cotton, and Cruz are all vying for the job and don't doubt for a second that 70,000,000 republican voters would vote for Marjorie Traitor Greene or Sarah Palin in an instant. This isn't merely a Civil War Redux, it's WW3 in our own backyards. They're here folks.

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