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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Wisconsin Judge & Jury Embrace Terrorism.

by Noah If you ever doubted that that Republican you have the misfortune to know or be related to is a total racist, just ask them how they feel about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict and you will instantly have your answer. If they see Kyle Rittenhouse as anything but a terrorist, walk away and never come back. Make no mistake, Friday was an awful day for America but from the moment Judge Bruce Schroeder decreed the victims of Kyle Rittenhouse could be called arsonists and looters but not victims, the die was cast. In my first post about the Rittenhouse trial, I made the comment that anyone who watched the trial could get a clear view of what the 1960s trials of KKK members in Mississippi were like. Now the judge and jury in the Rittenhouse case have shown us that Wisconsin is the same, not that we should be all that surprised. "Judge" Schroeder even made a point of letting us hear that the ringtone on his cellphone was the very same song that Republicans use at Trump rallies and used on 1/6 by the mob of fellow white supremacists that stormed the Capitol Building with murder and overthrow in their charred hearts. Judge Schroeder left no question about where he stood. We all know by now that, by his well-reported actions, he all but named himself as a member of the Rittenhouse defense team. The only questions I am left with are how does he comfortably fit that black robe over his white one and how much more blood on his hands will satisfy him? And, yes there will be more blood. If smug little Rittenhouse doesn't take his "not guilty" verdicts as a license to kill, surely a myriad of copycat killers will follow his example just like Rittenhouse followed Trump's words. As you read this, right wing lunatics across the country are saying, "Thank-you Judge Schroeder! Message received!" The filthy cop who murdered George Floyd is no doubt wishing that "Judge" Schroeder had been the judge in his case, or maybe David Duke. Already, Republicans are engaging in hero worship when it comes to Kyle Rittenhouse, so much so that Trump must be entering a state of furious jealousy. Republicans like Chris Christie, who is clearly running for president, are running to the cameras to pledge support. Already, the usual suspects on the FOX Nazi channel and their heroes in Congress have spent the entire weekend thumping their chests in white nationalist pride. Minority Leader Kevin McQarthy's A-Team and the rest of his Domestic Terror Party is louder and prouder than ever before about their white nationalist fervor and you can bet it's exactly the same in the $enate and wherever Republican goons and other Nazi lifeforms congregate. Matt Gaetz has already stated that he thinks Kyle Rittenhouse would make a fine congressional intern (if only 'cause Rittenhouse might introduce him to some teenage girlfriends). Madison Cawthorn and Paul Gosar are openly joking with their colleagues about arm wrestling to win dibs on hiring Rittenhouse. Ditto with various 2nd Amendment groups. I can just see it now, though: Hundreds of rabid republican luminaries and politicians trampling over each other in a state of white nationalist crowd hysteria to pose for pictures with Rittenhouse and his gun. See how they fondle it lovingly. FQX "News" is probably already discussing issuing a "Commemorative 2nd Amendment Solutions Plate Set" in Rittenhouse's honor. Kyle Rittenhouse's mother has been trying to raise money to pay the defense lawyers but she needn't worry. Her boy will never go hungry or at least without a free drink tab. Ironically, Kyle Rittenhouse is this year's OJ but he did OJ at least one better. He did what he did right out in the open with cameras running. Lastly, but just for today, for today: A MAGA wackjob, braincell-depleted mother drives her underaged brainwashed gun-toting son across state lines to a Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha. Gonna raise her son right! Gonna put those n***grs and their dumbass white friends in their place? The local white supremacist cops even gave Rittenhouse free water, encouragement, told him they'd be pushing the protestors towards self-proclaimed militia goons like him, he does what he does and then they let him leave the scene of the crime. Obviously, he felt he had permission! Farmed out dirty work. Apparently none of that seems odd or says anything to the jury. Well, maybe it did. It looks like at least the majority of them took that as "Hey! Those are my kind of people!" and, at best, any others in the room went along. Just like the South in the "good ol' days." Welcome to Kenosha, Wississippi!

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