Midnight Meme Of The Day! Who Else Is Buried At Bedminster?

by Noah Should we start digging up the place? Much has been said about the fact that mobster boss Donnie "The Sticky Don" Trump now has the first of his divorced wives buried at the first hole of his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey because he gets a bigly tax break for doing so. That's in addition to the cozy fact that, suspiciously, her body now cannot be exhumed for a toxicology examination. Oh, and it's damn hard to confiscate one's property if you have a relative buried on it. Damn, Ivana's death was a surprise! But hey, so was the sudden death of Donnie's Dr. Harold Bornstein. Jeffrey Epstein? Well, we expected that one. Apparently, wife #1 especially qualified because she was the mother of Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka The Daughter Wife, all of whom must by now realize that daddy dearest, along with Melania are also potential tax breaks and are no doubt seen precisely that way in Donnie's eyes. The man needs all the tax breaks he can get for his various tax filing schemes so should Melania and the fetid spawn be looking over their shoulders? I would! You, too, Baron! Hell, if Stormy Daniels suddenly vanishes, we better start digging, or maybe, he'll just stuff her in an armoire in his bedroom, preserved in a generous coating of nice clear silicon, of course. Reports of Ivana's burial often refer to it as looking like a pauper's grave and, yes, it does, but, to be fair, and, as you know I always am, maybe a nice granite memorial of some sort is already on order. Ok, maybe a plastic one. Maybe Four Seasons Landscaping could help out? Anyway, a permit investigation has already revealed that Donnie Traitor himself plans to be buried at Bedminster under a 16 foot high obelisk which, I'm sure, will be positioned as pointing up from his crotch area towards the heavens, which is as close as he will ever get. Planning ahead: Let's all get in line to piss on the graves of the entire family! A national lottery to be first in line could raise trillions of dollars! Be sure to bring your dog!