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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Which Republicans Would Open Their Homes To Putin?

by Noah

Much has been made of the sanctions placed on Russia. As tonight's meme indicates, it's obvious that Vlad Putin knows who his friends in America are. But, the top question I have about all of this now is this:

If Putin was ever booted from Russia, which Republican movers and shakers would rush to return past favors and be the first to sponsor Putin for an entry visa into the United States, call to give him refugee status, and offer him a few rooms in one of their homes? "Ted" Cruz? Josh Hawley? Definitely Hawley. Donnie Psycho? Ron DeSantis? Marjorie Traitor Greene? Sarah Palin? Clarence Thomas? It wouldn't be Matt Gaetz because Putin's daughters are too old, at least the "legitimate" ones. Rudy Giuliani would offer him a place in his home but I have no doubt that Putin would say no thanks. The smell must be ridiculous, and that black ooze all over the furniture. Damn! In the end, I suspect we'd see Moscow Mitch and Tucker Carlson duke it out for the privilege, no? In any event, it would be quite a sight as so many Republicans ran to the cameras, knocking each other over. Would you think me a bad person for hoping to witness some bones breaking in the melee?

Parting shot: It wouldn't be Mittens Romney. His obvious plan is to cynically market himself as the "reasonable" Republican for a race for the presidency. He even subjugated his racism this week and came out for Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. Remember when he was claiming that black people just want "free stuff?" That's the real Romney.

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