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Midnight Meme Of The Day! When Republicans Show You They are Nazis, Believe it!

by Noah

Chances are you know about the CPAC jail but I see it as yet another manifestation of typical Republican insanity as they goose step into history and take us with them. I know it's hard to keep up with the Republican Party's lunacy but that's why I'm here to lend a helping hand! Besides, it's more than just a "Let's Play Victim" playpen.

Remember the last Republican Party CPAC loon fest where they had a golden statue of Dear Leader Trump as you entered their zoo? Well, the fake jail cell with the orange assclown that you see above is what you saw as you entered last weekend's CPAC which the GOP held in a giant hot as Hell mental hospital called Texas. It was a highly warped celebration of the GOP's attempted coup and cop beatdown on 1/6/21. All that was missing was the blood, urine, and feces like they left all over the Capitol Building. Oh well. CPAC jail was last weekend. Repugs have moved their victimhood playpen over to Mar-a-Lago.

The wacko asserting his fake victimhood by pretending to be a prisoner in his jumpsuit isn't Neo-Nazi Richard "Heil Trump" Spencer who was one of the honored CPAC guests. Likewise, it wasn't keynote speaker Viktor "No race mixing!" Orban. No, the clown in honorary orange is Brandon Straka. Let's Go Brandon? Straka, who fancies himself as some sort of conservative activist/performance artist, was the founder of WalkAway which, just a few years ago, was a well-funded effort by Republicans and their trolls to convince democratic voters to just cowardly stay home and never fight the planned reich no matter who was running on the blue side. Of course the more progressive a candidate was, the more they feared them and the more obnoxiously strident they became, so much so that plenty of anti-Progressive dinosaur democrats joined in this enablist movement.

As the meme above indicates, Straka was also arrested for his participation in the GOP's violent attempted 1/6 coup but got off with probation by snitching and volunteering the names of friends who joined him. He's in his fake jail and they are in a real one. Way to go Brandon! Anyway, there he was this past weekend playing the victim as Republicans love to do. He was pretending to cry in his fake jail cell as fellow Nazis came along to kneel and pray before him as freak show congresscretin Marjorie Traitor Greene did. I guess they either have no problem with snitches or they lack the critical thinking ability to look into the creepy cretin they were bowing down to. Think about it. The man turned in their fellow traitors and they bow down to him.

So, a bunch of Nazi Republican self-proclaimed anti-race mixing, anti-Semetic Christian Nationalists first greet their conference attendees golden statue of Dear Leader Trumpenstein, followed by a snitch celebrating fake victimhood in a fake jail. Next time? Should we be surprised if the first thing you see is a shower flanked by canisters of Zyklon-B?

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