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Midnight Meme Of The Day! What's Inside Trump's Head?

by Noah

First, a viewing hint: It helps if you squint or cover one eye when you look at the above meme. That way you can more easily see what's inside of the head of the psychopathic monster that the Republican Party still evidently cherishes as their Dear Leader. You can see the garbage that is in Trump's head and the heads of all those who have supported him.

Are you operating under the misconception that those supporters don't still cherish their beloved traitor and the criminal mastermind of their murderous coup attempt? Has some unindicted co-conspirator that you know, some neighbor perhaps, lied to your face and told you otherwise? In that, they are just like the Dear Leader for sure.

You might also ask yourself how many of Traitor Don's potential replacement psychos, up on that FOX-GOEBELS debate stage last week, broke with their Dear Leader. How many of those ring kissers availed themselves of the opportunity to publicly, on national television, break with their Dear Leader and tell it like it is? Or apologize. Only one, Asa Hutchinson, even gave so much as at least a silent indication that they would not support Dear Leader when/if he becomes their party's candidate. The most amusing reaction was that of former Trump transition team leader Chris Christie who tried to have it both ways. He raised his paw in support like a good doggie and then tried to back peddle to please his master. What's the problem? Did they think they might fall out a window or be shot out of the sky?

You really think that won't start happening if his kind vote him in again? Are you willing to bet not?

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