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Midnight Meme Of The Day! What's Behind The Shower Curtain?

by Noah

Just in case you're wondering, The photo above is a fake. Sure, the location, a Mar-a-Lago bathroom is real, but, come on! Do you really think the two gents pictured there would actually have to go there to see what's in those folders and boxes? Do you really think they haven't had a privileged look already? Hell, they've probably had some of it for years now. Remember when Traitor Don invited a Russian ambassador and spy chief into the oval office right after his inauguration and handed them some Top Secret Israeli intelligence? How naive at this point do you have to be in order to think that Trump and his kids hadn't gotten together with Ronna Romney McDaniel and set up a Document Of The Month Club for our adversaries on his very first day in office? Cash money, folks. Follow the cash. Anyone that could and isn't by now is either a complete moron or just scared shitless of what they might find. And, yeah, that about describes anyone in Washington, anyone at all.

As for what's behind the shower curtain, my guess is that, if Putin were to suddenly reach back and pull it down, out would pop another enemy of the state, one named Gym Jordan, and he'd be wearing nothing but a t-shirt or a sports bra that says "I see nothing." I could be wrong, though. It might be Lindsey Graham.

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