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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Washington, Where You Can Live Your Lies & More!!!

by Noah

Mark my words: Among those in Washington, "George Santos" is about to be seen as the bigliest hero, a near god to be emulated! By being accepted in Congress, he has literally made all things possible for all politicians. The lying we have seen in our politicians before was just mere dabbling compared to what we will see now. "George Santos" has done what was bound to happen after Trump took the Goebbels-style of big lying and ran with it. "George Santos" has expanded the possibilities. You thought Trumpism was an assault on reality? "George Santos" screams "Hold my beer!"

We will now watch as politicians, knowing that there will be no consequences whatsoever for openly breaking new ground in lying about their personal histories (no matter how far they inspire each other to go) are gleefully seated in Congress! We will now watch as they frantically rush to top each other in the rewriting of their biographies and present them for the approval of their uber-gullible constituents. I can see our political class now kicking and clawing each other as they try to get to the head of the lines for slots on the Sunday Morning Bullshit shows. Let there be blood, and lots of it!

Being a known perv will already get you a chairmanship in Congress, just ask Gym Shower Jordan. So what's next, a rabid pro-gunrights school shooter being selected as a candidate and getting elected by idiot voters who are willing to overlook his past as long as he takes a pro-life stance? A tree-swinging australopithecine female from rural Georgia whose every grunt is glorified? Yep, and they'll be sworn in and seated by Kremlin Kevin as long as ol' Kev can count on his vote!

Damn, if this trend continues, we'll soon see committees that cover up assassinations or see drunken rapists and bestiality porn freaks with traitor spouses on the Supreme Court or a $enate Minority Leader who specializes in laundering Russian Rubles.

And God knows what in the White House! You thought Washington had an accountability problem in the past? War crimes s'more crimes!

My apologies but that is all I have to say today. Gotta run. I'm way behind schedule this week due to having booked my holiday vacation flights on Southwest and I have to get back to my real job which is at M.I.T. where I'm a Professor of Quantum Mechanics with a side doctorate in Astrophysics. Say, did I ever tell you about the two Congressional Medals Of Honor I won in Vietnam?

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