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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Up To Them, Or Up To Us?

by Noah

No one who voted for Traitor Don will ever change their minds of course. Racists, homophobes, women haters and bigots of all kinds have too much of their very Republican essence emotionally invested in a man who hates the same people they hate. So, there's no need to ever think you will win such people over to any concept of human decency whatsoever.

Lost court cases and way too minor sentences being handed out to footsoldier Trump traitors aside, how long are we to be expected to put up with the planners and expediters of the attempted GOP coup not being indicted, tried, convicted, and executed for their crimes against the country, the constitution and each and every one of us? The answer is rapidly approaching the time when it is no longer up to the timid, "go along to get along" crowd at the so-called Department of Justice at all. They are continuing to abdicate their responsibilities and laugh at any oaths they might have taken. That can only mean that it is up to us, not them. Sure, we can see some signs that the DOJ is "thoroughly investigating" and slowly moving from the bottom towards the top but we have seen such things being used as delaying tactics to appease the public so many times before. Warren Commissions, Leon Jaworskis, Iran-Contras, and so many other dog and pony shows have come and gone and led to no one paying a just price. That's our fault because we have tolerated it and let the perps who were supposed to put away the other perps in the great big perp club off the hook. We have a very good idea of how Traitor Don, Ronna Romney McDaniel, the Proud Boys, Kremlin Kevin, Moscow Mitch and the rest of that seditious and treasonous crew will be viewed by history. At this point those who are supposed to, at least on paper, investigate and punish Traitor Don and his henchmen are looking like they plan to be seen the same way and apparently they like that just fine.

Up to them, or up to us?

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Jun 28, 2022

what used to be called "equal time".

and if, after 54 years of doing nothing they are elected to do, if you still believe the democraps give a shit, you are proof that everyone who votes is dumber than shit.

so... pure evil or dumber than shit? doesn't seem to be anything else.

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