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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Ukraine: What's In It For Traitor Trump & Co.?

by Noah Do you wonder exactly how much more than useful idiots the pro-Russia likes of Traitor Don Trump, the corrupt anti-NATO Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn, Rudy Giuliani, and the 7 Red Square Republican $enators (and 1 Republican House member)* who went to Moscow for July 4th in 2018 are? And, let's not forget the involvement of the entire FOX "News" Tokyo Rose Corps in this Ukraine tragedy. What's their cut? How much will we ever get to know? Probably not much. When, if ever, do we get to see the assessment of the cost of the damage and the lives lost due to these traitors? Personally, I want to know, and, yes, I can handle the truth. Not knowing will make me even angrier and even more suspicious when it comes to the various layers of details. Human nature abhors a vacuum. We always knew Traitor Don and the RNC et al. followed Putin's leads, money, and desires. They've shown it time and time again. People don't call the current $enate Minority Leader "Moscow Mitch" for no reason. Traitor Don made it plain that he wanted to dismantle NATO at the behest of his friend and benefactor in Moscow. This has been years in the making, even pre-2016. Imagine if an American ex-president had been involved in Hitler's invasion of Poland and there was an American news network openly promoting it as much as FOX has openly promoted Putin and his invasion of Ukraine. I want to know, but of course I've heard not even a whisper out of Washington about hearings and investigations. We don't even have the notes from Trump's meetings and calls with his controller Vlad. He confiscated them all. Probably flushed every damn page down the White House toilets.

*The Republican Party's Red Square that celebrated the 4th of July of 2018 by meeting with their Volga Bagmen counterparts in Moscow consisted of the following highly suspect (in many more ways than one) members of Congress:

  • $en. Ron Johnson (Wisconsin)

  • $en. John Kennedy (Louisiana)

  • $en. Richard Shelby (Alabama)

  • $en. Steve Daines (Montana)

  • $en. John Hoeven (North Dakota)

  • $en. Jerry Moran (Kansas)

  • $en. John Thune (South Dakota)

  • Rep. Kay Granger (Texas)

That's quite a cell of Moscow Mules! Imagine the "perks!" Lordy, I hope there are Pee Tapes of all of them!



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