• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Turn Traitors Into Space Junk!

by Noah Hey! What better way to start off the month of November than by making it Congressional Traitor Expulsion Month! You want a Build Back Better bill? We should demand one that includes a provision to make every seat in each house of Congress a fabulous instant ejection Smart Seat™. By Smart Seat™, I mean everyone in both houses of Congress gets an actual seat on the floor of congress that's controlled by a Traitor Algorithm™ (of my design of course) and acts accordingly! If we can afford them for useless F-35s, we can afford them for useless congressional traitors who ignored their oaths. The Smart Seat™ will analyze the 'round the clock words, actions, and attitudes of members of Congress and not just eject them from Congress but launch them right thru the ceiling all the way up into space, orbiting like all the other space junk we have up there. No cushy ride in some billionaire a-hole's penismobile rocket either. Whatever you're wearing is how you go! No exceptions! Hell, Gym Jordan is stupid enough to think putting his jacket back on will make a dif! Give him a cold dose of reality. Up ya go, Gym! As for the specifics of tonight's meme, please keep in mind that Congress is apparently so thick with traitors that there simply wasn't space or time to fit them all in but,you get the point and, damn, ya gotta start somewhere! Smart Seat™'; it's what's for November! And December, and every other damn month on the calendar. So, bye bye Marjorie Traitor Greene. Sorry, there's no smoking bath salts in space! Bye bye Moscow Mitch. No more rubles for you! Bye bye Paul Goser. Sorry, there's no psychiatric care in space. Same to you, Kevin McQarthy. Bye Bye Adolf Hawley. Sorry there's no copies of Mein Kampf up there but maybe you'll run into your Chewbacca With Horns buddy. And, Matt Gaetz? You're going too. You're headed to a place completely devoid of middle schools and children's playgrounds. OK. That's enough for today. I gotta go. Looks like I may get the contract to supply all new furniture at FOX "News."