• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Tucker Broadcasts From Putin's Script

by Noah

Do you know that 450 individuals were arrested after entering Congress? They came with political demands. -Russian President Vladimir Putin as he likened the traitors arrested for Trump's attempted coup to political prisoners on June 13th.

It's no surprise that Tucker Carlson reads from Vladimir Putin's script. More often than not, FOX "News" obviously sees its mission as being an arm of Russian state media operations and the mind of Vladimir Putin himself. In fact, programs on Russian state media TV channels such as Rossiya-24 and Rossiya-1 are largely indiscernible from those on FOX "News." The agenda is the same. Only the accents are different.

You don't even have to look at how gung oh both Putin and FOX have always been about Trump. I do have to wonder, though, if the backgrounds of Rupert Murdoch and sons have ever been fully investigated. Apparently, they should be. Whatever, their missions and Russia's match up way too often to call it mere coincidence. The most recent example of this is the trope of those who partook in the Republican Party's attempted coup being called "political prisoners" first by Putin (above) during and after his meeting with President Biden. Ex-President Trump would have been quick to agree with Putin and Carlson (below) and, in fact, he has been agreeing every day since in his and his party's attempts to re-brand 1/6 as just a bunch of tourists and "great people" filled with love.

It didn't take long after Putin's comment for FOX "News," most prominently in the form of Tucker Carlson, to repeat Putin's statement as its own. Hours after that, Putin's latest propaganda theme was dutifully being pushed by various Republican Party luminaries and FOX viewers. That's not at all surprising when one considers the huge amounts of Russian rubles that people like Moscow Mitch McConnell take in as "campaign contributions" and then spread among their fellow travelers in his party. That's the Republican Party, not necessarily the communist party but consider this: Lately, the Republican Party has, as we all know all too well, launched attacks on those who are pushing extra hard for COVID vaccinations in the U.S. A. as Communists. At the same time, members of what amounts to our Anti-Vax Party are attacking Cuban citizens who are taking to Cuban streets to demand access to vaccines as subversives. In other words, Republicans are, after all these decades, coming to the defense of the communist Cuban government and standing against the Cuban people, just like Vladimir Putin. What's next, Republican Party support for a Russian missile base in Cuba? Stay tuned. The RNC & Co. is definitely insane and disloyal enough.

I mean, if you are holding people in solitary confinement in DC jails for non-violent crimes, at some point they become political prisoners.
-Tucker Carlson as he likened the traitors arrested for Trump's attempted coup to political prisoners on July 8th. Notice the absurd use of the phrase 'non-violent'.