• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Tucker!

by Noah

Tucker Tiki Torch is now merely a half inch away from just coming right out and saying the N-Word live on national TV. You can see it. You can see his resentment that he can't just say it. You can hear the pent up hate in the edginess in his voice that goes even beyond the words he already says. One day, he'll spit it out; choosing his target with all malice aforethought. It'll rip out of him just like that scene in The Alien. That is the sick essence of Tucker Tiki Torch Carlson and his employers. Carlson long ago made his beliefs in white supremacy clear, even resorting to importing white supremacist tweets from South Africa because they match his feelings. His idol Trump, of course, loved him for it and re-tweeted. TTT loves his role as a spokesman for his party. He goes on and on about "replacement" and "critical race theory" as he launches into racist diatribes against the very idea of black lives mattering. His viewership eats it up. The harping on birtherism was never going to be enough for the FOX "News" goons. Just last week, Carlson started calling MSNBC's Joy Reid "The Race Lady." It's coming. The actual word. The N-Word, live on national television, spat out of Carlson's foul mouth. It's coming. And, when it does, you'll hear the applause from the crew in the FOX studio and the cheers from his nazi viewership in Congress and across the country. They may even don their little red maga hats and run out into the streets to fire off a few rounds.