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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Trump Was Right! Rapist Spotted At Mexican Border!

by Noah

And what did the rapist have to say? Well, in addition to a torrent of fake crime stats or, as Republicans call them, "alternative facts," the Orange Menace To Society spewed forth with this. I've added commas to represent the pauses in Traitor Trump's stream of semi-conscious speaking style.

'Cause everybody, I speak to says, how horrible, but nobody explained to me how allowing millions of people from places unknown from countries unknown, who don't speak languages. We have languages coming into our country. We have nobody that even speaks those languages, They're, truly foreign language. There's nobody speaks 'em.

Yeah, well most languages are foreign, including Trumpanese. But, millions of people? Millions? Whatever! I suppose we should give a Republican credit for calling them 'people' for once, no matter how many are or aren't actually coming. But who doesn't speak a language? Someone, maybe someone not named Stephen Miller or Kellyanne Conway or some other bigoted moonbat in his employee can clue him in. Eric, maybe? Don Jr.? And what does this cretinous orange blob of a man mean when he says languages are coming into our country? Are they unaccompanied? And, "we have nobody that even speaks those languages," this from a man whose wife, a wife whose name he apparently can't remember half the time, speaks 5 count 'em 5 languages and comes from a country virtually none of us could pinpoint on a map if our lives depended on it. That country is Slovenia by the way, or at least that's her backstory.

Oh, and at least a few of our media people managed to fact check Traitor Trump's word salad in real time. Continuing that is to be encouraged, bigly; even if it's years too late, now. And, by the way, a vision of our Number One National Security Risk surrounded by razor wire brightens my day and I hope it brightens yours. If only we had a way to make it so! Wrap him up and roll him away! 


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05. maalisk.

trump proudly boasts about his sex abuse.

so... why is this guy not in prison for that? for treason? for fraud? for CVA violations?

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