• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Trump Told Us Who He Was On 9/11

by Noah Now that our weekend of 9/11 memorials has come to a close, I would just like to remind everyone of the Trump perspective on the terrorist events of that horrific day with tonight's Midnight Meme. At the time of the 9/11 attacks, Trump didn't even wait to be asked for his comment. Like everything else, he saw the terror attacks only in terms of his own ego. The important thing to him was that his building was now the tallest in New York. Seeing this, the Republican Party ended up nominating him for president and tens of millions of racist, misogynistic, shit-for-brains Republican voters with the hearts and minds of Nazis decided he was their guy and elected him fifteen years later. He then gave their darkness and sociopathy four years of validation and nurture. His presidency was a four year physical and spiritual manifestation of their darkness and the evils of Republican doctrine. Over 70 million republicans then doubled down and voted for him again. Given Herr Donnie's self-glorifying reaction to 9/11, absolutely no one should have been surprised at Trump's reaction to being voted out of office last year. He launched his own vengeful terror attack on America for his own self-interests; his own and no one else's. Osama bin Laden's cause was the sick interpretation of Islam that festered in his mind and the minds of his followers. Donnie Psycho's cause was a sick religion based on himself and followed by his 70+ million worshipers. Those worshipers gave us 1/6, a murderous domestic attempt at bringing down America. That their target on 1/6 was the Capitol Building and all those who work in it was especially ironic since the Capitol Building was likely the target of the hijacked plane that went down in Pennsylvania. It was all there for everyone to see. Unfortunately, half of America liked what they saw.