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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Trump States Competing For Darwin Awards!

by Noah

Social Engineering republican style; that's what the graphic above says to me. The GOP is masterful at finding and promoting ways for people to die unnecessarily. It is their true party platform. They have branded themselves as a party of homicidal maniacs. Their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, a pandemic that didn't have to be anywhere near as bad as it has turned out to be, is the latest case in point.

Now, as of July 4th, the vast majority of the states that went for Biden have a vaccination rate of at least 67% or more. The vast majority of the states that went for The Orange Menace To Society, you ask? Well, not so much. In fact, if you match those red circles above against the percentages along the top of the graphic you can see that most of the Trump states aren't even close. The lagging states also match up heavily with the Confederacy. Shocking? Not at all. The Confederate states had a death wish when they started the Civil War in 1861 and they have a death wish now as they are embracing the more vicious Delta Variant and welcoming more sickness and hospitalizations. It's the stuff of Darwin Awards.

Let's take a closer look at the graphic

  • Exactly a month ago, The Orange Menace To Society, speaking to a worshipful crowd in North Carolina, took credit for the vaccine roll out that he had left office with no plan in place for. He also told the crowd that "most of you" have been vaccinated. If by 54%, he meant "most," then for one rare moment in his life, he was not lying. For all we know, he may have been thinking that "most" North Carolinians had vaccinated themselves with bleach or Lysol. If only!

  • The top 22 states (Washington, DC included) with the highest adult vaccination rates went for Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

  • The Orange Menace To Society won 17 of the 18 states with the lowest vaccination rates. Many of these states have high proportions of white adults without college degrees. Let's not cast aspersions but the correlation is both telling and damning. Darwin stuff indeed.

  • Surveys from early June show that Trumpies are the least likely to both admit they have been vaccinated or say that they plan to be and on going surveys are not showing any change. If you are a republican, apparently it isn't cool to admit you care to protect yourself, your family, or anyone you may come in contact with. That is yet another true measure of the sociopathic character of Republicans. Even if they get vaccinated, they wouldn't want to admit that they care about others. That would only be frowned upon in Republican circles. Funny thing is though, of course they don't care about others. If they did they wouldn't be republicans in the first place. Perhaps the ultimate example of this kind of thing is all of those goons at FOX "News" and AON who tell their viewers not to get vaccinated even though they themselves have been.

Although the basic problem is largely political because Trump and those who speak for him set a piss poor example and played down the virus and its devastating potential from day one and continued to do so, even to the point of arrogantly holding Darwin Award-style super spreader events like the ones in the Rose Garden and the Trump Rally in Tulsa and encouraging mask burnings, there are two demographics that largely vote democratic who have been slow to take advantage of the ease in getting vaccinated. They are America's young people and large swaths of America's African-American population. In the case of young people, young people do tend to think they are immortal. I know I did at one time and often treated myself as such. But, I also see the problem as one of messaging or marketing. From the very start, the Trump Administration was saying the virus isn't serious and particularly isn't something young people will get. They were wrong and, with the Delta Variant, that attitude will be even more wrong. The issue as it relates to African-Americans is more multi-faceted, lying in the areas of general access to medical care and the right messaging getting to African-American communities through the societal barriers that produce isolation, with a big grain of trust factor weighing in, too.

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Jul 07, 2021

As Darwin inferred, there can be many different mutations that all will lead to extinction.

the defects of the nazi voters are well doc'd here and elsewhere.

but the defects of the democrap voters, who continue to try to elect the party that has refused to fix anything they are elected to fix for over a half century, and are NOT doc'd here except by me, also shall lead to extinction.

the right stupid and the left stupid are somewhat different... but they are still both stupid... and will mean the end of the american republic very soon.

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