Midnight Meme Of The Day! "Trump Sent Me!"

by Noah

Of course Trump's mob of Republican Goons didn't just physically assault the officers of color who were among the police officers who put their lives on the line to protect what remains of our democracy. They just had to also assault them verbally with waves of N-words and other grotesque racial epithets. What else could we expect any Nazi goon to do at this point? That's how Republicans talk about people of color every day when they're among themselves. I've witnessed it repeatedly myself. I've overheard it on the street, in bars, and in the corporations I've worked in. This is how they are. This is how republicans have been my entire adult life. It's as much of being a Republican as the blood that runs in their veins. It is the blood that flows in their veins. There's no such thing as too low for Republicans. All Nazi-type movements throughout human history have been the same. If you think this is ugly now, just wait, it will get worse, if only because the opposition is way too timid, polite, and downright wimpy. Today's republicans are now completely untethered to any notions of human decency.

What Officer Harry Dunn (above), a true American hero who put his life on the line for the preservation of democracy, did while the Republican Party attempted to overturn the Constitution and our government, hang their own VP, hunt down and murder the Speaker of the House and anyone else they chose to try and get their paws on was completely to be expected. It's what Trump, a White Supremacist and horrifically poor excuse for a president and human being, wanted from the crowd he sent to the Capitol Building and they made sure to tell anyone there that "Trump sent me" just to make it perfectly clear.

As the hearings on the horrifically un-American events began, a large group of congresscretins from the Domestic Terror Party of Trump, McDaniel, McCarthy, and McConnell, et. al. stood outside the Department Of Justice and held their press conference of denial. They continue to deny that what happened on that horrid day of 1/6 ever really happened. Why? Because they can't wait to try it again if their new Jim Crow 2.0 voter suppression regulations fail them. The words from republicans before, during, and after the 1st day of hearings were pathologically twisted. It was just "tourists having a good time," they said. "Expressing their Constitutional rights," they said. "Violence? No violence!" "Love was in the air!" "The tourists were hugging and kissing the cops, not trying to beat them to death." This is what you hear from them. At least bin Laden admitted what he did. Maybe next time, the republicans will just crash an airliner into the Capitol Building instead of sending a bunch of white supremacist, maga hat-wearing traitors to storm the place.

While another officer, a conservative man named Officer Michael Fanone, was dutifully answering questions put to him by the 1/6 Committee, his phone was receiving a message of physical threats, and expletive and homophobic-laced slurs. Here's some of the caller's message, spoken in the best republicanese. Warning, it's obscene in every way.

You want an Emmy or an Oscar? What are you tryin' to go for here? You're so full of shit. You little faggot fucker. You're a little pussy man. I can slap you upside your head backhand and knock you out you little faggot. You're a punk faggot. You're a lyin' fuck. How about all the scummy black fuckin' scum... destroyin' the cities... I wish they would have killed all you scumbags 'cause you people are scum... They stole the election from Trump and you know that you scumbag! ...too bad they didn't beat the shit out of you more. You're a piece of shit. You're a little fag, you fuckin' scumbag.

Officer Fanone suffered a traumatic brain injury, a multiple taser shot induced heart attack, a concussion, and other injuries while being beaten and called a traitor by the GOP's mob of traitors. Who phoned him? It could have been any one of over 70,000,000+ Trump voters. Even worse, it could have been any one of the republicans in Congress or a member of their staff. Was it Alabama's Rep. Mo Brooks who right, before the attack, told the crowd "It's time to start takin' names and kickin ass!"? Paul Gosar from Arizona? Kremlin Kevin McCarthy himself? "John Barron" ? Hey, I'm surprised there wasn't a stampede of republicans heading towards the last remaining phone booth out in the hall to make a similar call ala a bunch of reporters with a scoop in a 1940s movie. Could it have been one of the Nazis on FOX "News" or AON? Of course it could! 1/6 and the hearings about them are showing us the full flowering of the Republican Party. The committee should start issuing subpoenas for phone records. If they were capable of being on the ball, they already would have. America wants to know who the hell made that phone call to Officer Fanone!

The story gets worse: FOX "News" took to increasing the typically predictable ridicule heaped upon the officers by Republicans across the board. Just for one example, their Nazi saluting gal, Laura Ingraham picked up the thread of the above mentioned obscene phone caller and went all "Crisis Actor" on them just as FOX also does whenver there's a mass shooting at a school. Yeah, that's right Laura. They weren't real cops being injured and killed. They were all crisis actors. Yeah, that's the ticket! Can't you just see Rupert Murdoch's sons giggling like Beavis and Butt-Head? As you can see in the clip available at the link, Ingraham even had some sort of "Best Performance" acting trophy picture as a prop. Damn, I've seen 5th graders do better but then they're a lot smarter than Miss Blonde Joke. Tucker Tiki Torch did much the same of course.