• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Trump's Li'l Mitch

by Noah

Yup. That's Mitch Bitch McConnell alright. Lapdog to the Orange Menace To Society. From McConnell to Lindsey Graham and the whole damn Domestic Terror Party in between, Trump surrounds himself with literal ass-lickers and ass-sniffers. That's the kind of person that signs up to be a republican in the first place. We've ended up with a whole party that goes around happily panting at the mere sound of Demented Donnie's voice. So it was no wonder at all that McConnell fell in line with blocking any investigatory commission that would look into the planning and relationships that led us to the attempted coup of 1/6. All Trump had to do was give a little yank on his leash. He needn't have bothered though, a traitor like McConnell would have done it anyway. He knows what's expected of him.