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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Trump/RNC Spent $3,500,000 On Hitmen!

by Noah

A hitman sent them. I want to get to the bottom of that.
- Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn

Thanks to OpenSecrets, we now know that $3.5 Million in direct payments were sent from the Trump 2020 campaign and its joint fundraising committees to people and firms involved in the Republican Party's violent attempted coup on 1/6. Recent FEC filings revealed that 3 people on the Trump campaign payroll were also listed on the permit records for the 1/6 "protest." It had been assumed that there was some involvement from the RNC and Trump's inner circle but the $3.5 Million reveals a new dimension to the republican commitment to treason. $3.5 Million!!! That can buy you a lot of violent love. $3.5 Million... to kill cops. $3.5 Million to put a Contract on America!!!!

No doubt there will be additional revelations. I can easily imagine just how involved those who worked at the Trump White House and those who did and still do work at RNC headquarters were. Ask yourself what exactly were they doing on 1/6? What was their role? Oh, to be a proverbial fly on the wall in the White House War Room on 1/6. Were the RNC and Trump Administration goons in direct contact with members of the Trump mob as they broke through the barriers and trashed the halls of Congress? Were they in direct contact with the subversive Taliban-styled members of Congress themselves? Just a few days ago, it was revealed that Gym Shower Jordan spoke directly with Trump on 1/6 and yet Kremlin Kevin McCarthy tried to get him on the committee investigating the coup attempt!

Did anyone in the White House or at the RNC direct the terrorist goon squad to Speaker Pelosi's office? Who at the RNC might have been offering suggestions on how to locate Mike Pence or AOC? None of these questions are at all farfetched when you consider the kind of people we're dealing with here, so also ask yourself what they are doing right now as you read this.

I see multiple mass money raising emails from Republican Chairnazi Ronna Romney McDaniel everyday so I have a good idea what they are doing. It's plain from the wording of these messages that Trump and his RNC servants are not letting up one bit. Neither are Republican politicians and voters. Consider the fact that a sizable amount of the $3.5 Million came from them and that Trump has raised $78 Million in recent months. Republican voters, tons of them, funded the coup attempt and the attacks on the police who were wounded and sacrificed their lives in defending America from the MAGA brownshirts. The money is still pouring in. Who sent the hitman indeed.


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