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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Trump Auditions To Be The Next Pat Robertson?

by Noah

When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.

-Sinclair Lewis

No, the story of America's #1 terrorist leader selling autographed bibles is not an April Fools prank. Trump selling Trump-signed bibles is an all too real thing. Call it a Republican thing. That's how they are. Remember when the GOP's Dear Leader went to Alabama after their God of Love had sent them a nasty tornado and the local honky aborigines started walking up to him with their bibles asking him to sign them? I said right then that it was only a matter of time before he'd start selling such things. Well, that time has come and it's proof that sometimes you really can't just make this crap up, certainly not when such a huuuggee percentage of the population has devolved into total lunacy. Is there something in the water in Alabama? No, not really. In most of the state, it's not necessary and they prove it daily.

Ordinarily, I might have actually run this post last week. After all, it was Holy Week and that's when The Diaper Don, after comparing himself to Jesus, decided to start selling his bibles, but, there's just so much going on with these republican goons that I figured I'd post other stuff and just let this one age like fine wine for a bit. Today, the day after Easter, it makes for a suitable coda to the madness of King Donald the Demented. It's just one more grift from the GOP and I hope you've seen enough pictures of the "Trump Bible" to notice that its cover design shows it wrapped in a flag, just as Sinclair Lewis foretold.


Meanwhile, remember that nothing says christianity Republican style like buying a signed bible from a nazi that incites red-hatted mobs to murder and mayhem, all so he can pay (or not) attorneys to defend him from charges that he faked his business ledgers so he could pay off porn stars he banged while his third wife (that we know of) was home recovering from giving birth to his third son (that we know of).

What will The Idol Of The 74 Million be trying to sell next? Could this be it-


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Apr 01

A case study how a society of dumber than shits will turn a retarded amoral greedy lech onto a combination of fuhrer and messiah.

You need a pure evil intellectual pygmy, 80 million pure evil racists AND 160 million who do nothing.

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