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Midnight Meme Of The Day! True Monsters Don't Need Costumes!

by Noah

Think about it. What hideous Halloween garb could those pictured above put on that would look any more scary than what they've spent a lifetime turning themselves into? They don't believe in wearing masks anyway. They are each their own monstrous creations, and there's plenty more where they came from. Congress and every state legislature in the country are chock full of them. AMC's Walking Dead has nothing on these monsters!

Shakespeare might as well have been Nostradamus. But, of course, he knew humankind. He had his fingers on the pulse. Not much has changed since his time. In fact, if anything humanity has gotten worse and is dead set on finishing itself. We even have a brand new plague, the means to get rid of it unlike the people of the 1500s, and too many of us choose not to. The logo of the Republican Party shouldn't be an elephant. It should be a silhouette of the Devil. They've already got the red hat. Their leader's face is halfway to red. A guy with horns helped lead their terror attack on the Capitol Building on 1/6. Shakespeare could have written the whole damn thing. How does it end? You decide.

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