• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! (Trickle Down Treason)

by Noah

Most Republicans are traitors now. The above 12 just want to make sure you know it. The party that has completed its morphing into The Domestic Terrorism Party planned for and promoted the 1/6 attempted coup. They embraced it on that awful day while it was going on and they defend it now. Just listen to the words of Republican leaders like Ron Johnson, Kevin McCarthy, and their GOP media propagandists and spokespersons. The members of the Domestic Terrorism Party had, in fact, given permission for the attempted coup when they voted not to remove their Dear Leader in February 2020. Dear Leader received their carte blanche message loud and clear. His party told him that everything and anything he wanted to do would have their blessing and approval. They enabled Trump. They encouraged the treason of Trump and their followers. There was no "stand back and stand by."

Don't think for a second that the 12 who voted against the police who stopped the coup voted as they did without the permission and tacit encouragement from House Minority Leader McCarthy. Republicans are so compulsive about their need to be treasonous and deal a death blow to democracy that there shouldn't be any shock if they soon attempt to propose legislation to declare 1/6 a national holiday and call for annual re-enactments of that day's events until they are successful in their goal. Then, to a man and woman, they will line up to spit on the graves of murdered Officer Brian Sicknick and Officers Howard Liebengood and Jeffrey Smith, the two officers their brown shirt pals drove to suicide.

The Republican Party is now making no bones at all about what they are and what they want. Unfortunately, the rest of the country is continuing to place itself in peril by ignoring that fact. Even now, the rest of the country persists in calling what happened on 1/6 as merely "riots" or an "insurrection" instead of what it was- a violent attempted coup. That's an invitation, too.