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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Traitor Trump, The Ironic Icon Of Socialism!

by Noah I am somewhat amused to see Republicans incessantly hypocritically whine about the threat of socialism while partaking in it like any of us. Every day, they rush to the defense of their Dear Leader who is living on a full load of socialistic government benefits including Medicare, Social Security and a huge government pension plus taxpayer money for an office and staff, not to mention the Secret Service protection and chauffeuring that we pay for and he in no way deserves. This is all while the pasty orange Hitler wannabe Dear Leader continues to claim that he's a multi-billionaire as he begs his damn fool supporters for cash contributions to fund his bloated lifestyle as he plans his next grift. He does this multiple times a day. I know this to be a fact because I'm on his "Save America" email list and that of the RNC, too. Ten times per day is not an exaggeration whether they come from Donnie Traitor personally, his idiot son Eric, or the fanatical Republican National Committee Treason-Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel. Traitor Trump is America's #1 parasite. He's raking in the cash at a nine figure rate. There can be no doubt at this point that he has even considered our nation's Top Secrets as convertible to cash freebies from we the people? Trump even has his GOP paying for his legal bills. It takes a nation of rubes, scumbag co-conspirators, and suckers! Jeez, Donnie! How 'bout you pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and stop looking for handouts! Yeah, I know. Narcissists as severely afflicted as you never see the irony but you and your party goons sure like to point your little fingers at everyone else. You even came up with your own 24 hour peanut brain comment section called Truth Social. You forgot the last syllable. One too many for ya? Fuck you, Donnie, and the party you rode in on.

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