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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Traitor Trump Gave Up U.S. Submarine Secrets, But What Else?

by Noah

Since the moment we heard the story that Traitor Don had given nuclear submarine secrets to Australian billionaire Anthony Pratt, I've had a lot of questions, not the least of which is what other world leaders does Anthony Pratt hang out with? Does he fly to Moscow on a regular basis? Iran? Saudi Arabia? North Korea? China? Is anyone checking?

And why was there no word of this story on FOX-Goebels for over a day and even then, it was brief, very, very brief. Only 19 seconds, in fact. Is anyone checking?

Then, there are the obvious questions that we've all been wondering about since the pictures of Top Secret documents strewn about Mar-a-Lago were revealed to the public. Who has seen, been given, or secretly photographed any of those? We do know of a suspected Chinese agent being allowed to walk around the place. And what about Bedminster, where Trump welcomed his Saudi Royal friends and their entourage. Did they leave with anything after their creation of LIV, the new professional golf association with a tournament to be played there? That was a nice multi-million deal for Traitor Don. What else was in the deal? Is anyone checking? How convenient that a group of Saudis just happened to come to Bedminster. Kinda reminds you of when Trump handed over some Israeli intelligence to some key Russians right in the damn oval office, doesn't it? What has Trump sold besides his country? Everything is transactional with him, you know. Despite what the meme above might say, nothing comes for free from Trump. And a sane country would have impeached Trump, removed him, and jailed him within a week for that one escapade alone.

Oh, and what about that $2 Billion Jared and Ivanka got? And for what? Are we supposed to believe that her brothers never got anything like that from anybody? Is anybody checking? And if Jared and Ivanka got $2 Billion, What has Traitor Don amassed and stashed in secret bank accounts. It must be more. And, exactly for what? Is anyone checking?

All this leads me to an even bigger question centered on the events in Israel since this past weekend. I have no doubt that there are Russian and/or Saudi hands involved in this latest war, a war that could spread and engulf the world. Both Russia and Saudi Arabia are adversaries of Israel and both are allies of Iran. They both like to stir that Middle East cauldron endlessly and they've both been more than willing to help Iran who helps Hamas who attacked Israel. This isn't a game of connecting the dots. The dots connect themselves. No doubt Putin also sees an increase of U.S. military equipment to Israel as a way to lessen our shipments to Ukraine and we know where Trump and his party stand on that one. So here's the bigger question: What was there in any of those Top Secret documents that passed through an obvious traitor's hands, either openly in our oval office or secretly elsewhere, that might have helped breach Israel's security? Is anyone checking?

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