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  • Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Traitor On A Grater!

by Noah

I must admit that I'm great at thinking of "new & Innovative" ways for people to die. Congress has nothing on me. In fact, I'm quite proud of it and I'm certainly a lot more creative about it than the knuckle-draggin brutes that we all send to Washington. Sometimes, when people ask me what I think of someone, I just say that over the years I have thought of a thousand ways for the individual in question to die, to pass on to the next realm, or whatever you wish to call it. People say it's bad karma to think like that but I think wishing the demise of a dirtbag is a good karma thing, especially if your wish can come true!

One of my favorite scenarios for Trump is what I call "The Wrecking Ball." Simple really. I would get my crane operator license and use Trump as a wrecking ball, swinging him back and forth into an old building that's due for demolition. I'd put a lead-weighted belt around his waist for extra inertia and have a go at it. Yeah, I know it wouldn't really destroy the building, but that's not really the point now, is it.

Still, using a grater on Trump isn't a bad idea. Messy, yes, but not bad.

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