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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Thoughts On Kevin McCarthy Appearing On Dancing With The Stars

by Noah

I hate all these stupid shows like Dancing With The Stars, The Voice and all that crap. I'd rather watch a show called "Dancing With Junkies And Whores." Besides, most of these traitors like Kremlin Kev need to be on my new Public Access "Dancing With The Dominatrix" show. And the music they choose for all these shows! Who does that!!! I wanna see Kevin McCarthy pogoing to "Problems" by the Sex Pistols or at least Lou Reed's "Dirt" with big neon letters flashing on the screen as Lou gets to the words "You're just cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap uptown dirt" and repeats them over and over again.

I'm surprised Kremlin Kev hasn't already been announced by the Dancing With The Stars morons but maybe a deal is being worked on and it's all hush-hush for now. I'd also like to see The Diaper Don sloshing around on the floor while his dance partners run away gagging from the stench of the diaper overspill. And, how about DeSantis? Watching him try to dance or goose step in his new cowboy boots with the lifts would be downright captivating. Maybe he could do a Flamenco while wearing a cape that's a Nazi flag! Just calling it like I see it happening.

Tucker Carlson returning to his whispered about days as a pole dancer? Nah. Ain't gonna happen and if it does, it'll be on Russian TV and he'll be doing it slowly to Prokofiev's Lt. Kije Suite.

You think any of this is a stretch? Nope. It ain't. Sean Spicy Spicer was already on Dancing With The Stars. They've had Tucker, Rick Perry, Tom Delay, and more. You best believe they'd have the leaders of the Proud Boys if they weren't in jail. It's a show with no social conscience at all. And, remember when FOX's (natch) The Masked Singer had Rudy Giuliani? The horror! The horror! They really screwed up on that one. Shoulda had him duet with The Pillow Guy.

Break a leg, Kev!

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