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Midnight Meme Of The Day! This Week's Republican Miracle Cure!

by Noah

For sheep, of course. Good Republican sheep.

Ivermectin is poison to humans, not unlike injecting Lysol or drinking bleach. Go ahead, Republicans. Drink up a nice big cup of Ivermectin! Republican politicians and media goons all across the country are totally pushing Ivermectin as a miracle cure. You may die but your G.I. tract will be free of parasites! Problem is, the country needs something that will kill the parasites that have obviously taken over Republican brains.

Meanwhile, speaking of Republican brains, COVID cases in South Dakota are rocketing over an astounding 500% after South Dakota Governor/Mass Murderer Kristi Noem refused to call for a mask mandate for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally mega-spreader event she hosted just two weeks ago. She knew people would get sick and die and she encouraged the means to bring that about. Kristi Noem, psychopath. Obviously, that is what is making her so popular within the Republican Party, aka America's largest Death Cult. Just think about how many people from all over the country have been exposed and will be exposed to all of these new COVID carriers as they rode the interstates back to their homes. Noem has perpetrated a contact tracer's nightmare. Thanks Kristi! Did you make sure everyone left the rally with a nice Swastika hat?

Next week: Monsanto's RoundUp weed killer makes a great salad dressing and fun, easy way to protect yourself from COVID! Who knew? Hey Republicans, better go buy some before the rush!

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