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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Trump Hats. Nazi Hats. All The Same

by Noah

There are still disingenuous, full of crap Republicans who will tell you that they aren't white supremacists. They will also tell you that Donald Trump isn't a racist. "No sir. No way!" It has, in a perverse way, an almost cute thing about it but it's heinous and pathetic. They know exactly what they are voting for. All of them. All 70+ Million of them. It's the same thing that's at play when they turn on FOX "News," AON, or Newsmax. They seek reassurance from their fellow Nazis that they are not alone. Laura Ingraham, Tucker Tiki Torch, and Sean Hannity don't have to be wearing swastika armbands on air. They can see those armbands anyway and they will put one of their own on their own arms as soon as Trump or any other Republican politico or media goon tells them to.

In the same sense, just as the uber-large FOX corporate headquarters knows its audience, so do many of America's small retailers. Case in point, the retail display from the recent Sturgis Motorcycle Rally shown above. I'd like to think that not every biker that attended the recent Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota is a Nazi but the hats don't lie. It's clear that the vendor in question has good reason to believe they are and knows that the same person that wants a hat with a Swastika or SS logo (With or without the "Support your Local White Boy" motto) will also find that Trump "Drain The Swamp" hat on the top left appealing. It's just like the traitorous 1/6 mob display of Nazi flags, Confederate flags and Trump flags at the Capitol building. They all go together. Buy one. Buy all. "Drain The Swamp" indeed. Oh, the irony of selling that hat in what amounts to a sweaty swamp of COVID spores, thanks to SD Asshat/Governor Kristi Noem who's vying for the title Superspreader Queen. I bet she bought one of each, or maybe a custom job with Trump on the front and a Swastika on the back.

Addendum: And speaking of rallies, disgraced, psychopathic ex-president Donald Jackass Trump held a superspreader event of his own this past weekend in Cullman, Alabama. Why, out of all the places to hold a rally, did the Republican Party and its dream fuhrer choose the little burg of Cullman, you ask? Here's the answer. Suspecting that there had to be a reason to choose Cullman and that merely Alabama wasn't enough, I assumed that the choice was not unlike the Republican Party's sainted Ronald Reagan choosing Philadelphia, Mississippi for his campaign launch speech because of its proud connection to the infamous Mississippi's Burning Murders of three civil rights workers. I did a little research and, well, I was right. Cullman, Alabama, and Cullman County as a whole, was one of the last two "Sundown Towns" For those who don't know, a "Sundown Town" was any town black Americans were not allowed to live in, or, if they did reside in the town, they were not allowed to go out of their homes after sundown. This was not a curfew. It was a 365 day a year law. These laws or policies were not exclusive to the south by any means but persisted there officially until very recent times. They were enforced by local law enforcement and the KKK, two groups that were/are often one in the same. Donald Trump is, has been, and always will be a racist. Denials from his voters aside, it's a foundational part of his appeal to his party and voters.


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24 авг. 2021 г.

trump's racism is a matter of record since the '70s.

followers of trump, whether party functionaries or simpleton voters, all project on their chosen deities their own hatreds... and rightly so, since they are reflected back usually with magnification.

Congresswhores who still may need Independents to get elected won't admit as much just yet. But everyone knows... there are no "good" nazis... there are no "good" members of the party and no "good" americans who vote for them.


they're all just waiting for the inevitable democrap slaughter in congress in 2022 and the election of their next and forever fuhrer in 2024.

If 2024 is close, they'll use lies about vote fraud to declare an end.

If 2024 is…

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