Midnight Meme Of The Day! They Told The Whole Lie And Nothing But The Lie

by Noah

Of course they lied. Just like the Taliban lied when said they would not abolish the rights of women in Afghanistan. But at least these four "justices" and their two cohorts have made it clear that there is no reason to respect them or the goons who put them in a position where they could willfully ruin the lives of so many Americans while turning half of all Americans into 2nd class citizens. And don't forget that it was Moscow Mitch who chose three of the four in the above meme and handed their names on a list to the worst president, the most psychopathic president, this country has ever had.

Make no mistake. The Supreme Court has spit in the face of every woman you know. Today's American women now do not have the rights and opportunities that their mothers and grandmothers had for the last 50 years. If those who could hold the "justices" to account for their open perjury and their contempt for American ideals of equality and humanity, then they are willfully complicit and there is no reason to have any respect for them or offer them support of any kind either. As I write this on Friday evening, every democratic organization in the country is raising tons of cash in response to our badly politicized "Supreme" Court's infamous ruling but will they put their money where their fat mouths are and actually produce positive meaningful results for the first time in eons? Well, go ahead, surprise me!

And, never forget, the sanctity of life had nothing to do with the so-called Supreme Court's decision. Ditto the votes of the $enators who voted to confirm the nominations of the 6 Taliban-style "justices" who now infest the Supreme Court building like the greasy cockroaches in robes that they are. Bottom line, Washington has banned abortion but not assault weapons; truly sociopathic.

For 50 years, the GOP has been the engine, the driving force, of this manifestation of the biggest of big government at its worst. The court has now ratified the Republican Party tenant that big government can and will make a woman carry a pregnancy to full term even if it kills that woman. If there's a miscarriage along the way, they will investigate, accuse, and prosecute. Orwell. If women now die because of Washington's actions, well, who cares, right? They are just collateral damage of politics and the side cost of the lust for unbounded power and a fear of women, not to mention hate. So, women, it's time to give them something real to fear. Oh, and if you go to sporting events, take a knee when you hear the national anthem.

And, be forewarned, the GOP is not stopping with Friday's atrocity. We've already had the Roberts Court's attacks on voting rights. Now, Clarence Traitor Thomas has already gone public in proposing that the next big government decrees from the court should be attacks on birth control, same sex relationships, and LGBTQ rights in general, including marriage equality. What's next? Arranged marriages? Keep in mind that this comes from a "justice" who sided with his wife's role in the GOP's attempted coup. This country is dying.


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