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Midnight Meme Of The Day! These Boots Are Made For Walkin'

by Noah One of these days, these boots are gonna walk all over you. Can't you just see it now: At every future Republican Party debate; a full lineup of typical Republican crackpot candidates up there on stage wearing white boots (Yes, even after Labor Days) like Goofball Florida Man Ron DeSantis above? Yes, all the boots will be white. It's a subliminal tactic, a shock visual. Marketing 101. They want the attendees and viewers getting the word 'white' impressed in their sick minds as often as possible. Anyway, the interwebs have quickly managed to create suggested costume variations for Ronnie Assclown but all with the weirdo jeans and boots of the original (center above)! He really just needs a propeller beanie on his head and he's good to go. Seen above are 3 pictures of DeSantis in photo-op mode as he pretends to care about hurricane victims. Notice that those boots haven't been anywhere that might get them dirty. I'm surprised he didn't order a red carpet to the podium for his statement before he got back into his limo. Those boots!!! I can't help it, I just can't ignore those boots! See how it will work on the typical Republican? The difference is though, for them it's the affirmation I alluded to. At least that's how their primitive minds will absorb it. But, where did he get those boots? Inquiring minds want to know! Were they actually a gift from Nancy Sinatra? Did he have some staff flunky go and club drag queen Rhonda Santis over the head and steal them? Does Marco Rubio have a closet full of them? Or, are they just on loan from Lindsey Graham? Better not be! Donnie would be very, very mad if Lindsey did that. What's your favorite? Tucker Carlson "Sexy Green M & M?" How about The Star Wars Storm Trooper look with the helmet? Or, just plain ol' creepy Ron? The Republicans sure do find 'em. straight outta nazi freakshow casting. Nancy wore them better-

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