Midnight Meme Of The Day! There's No Vaccine For This!

by Noah

There's no vaccine for this! Check out the license plate-- Texas! Prime American Nutland. Must be the local welcome wagon committee. So much wrong with this car. It screams mental instability. The "Biden Is Not My President" stencilled over a Dallas Cowboys logo. The hateful message of wishing death not unlike a "Death to America" wish ala some crazed Muslim terrorist, the obsession with demons... I'm sure the Cowboys would be very pleased to see the additional Cowboys imagery and team colors on this car, or maybe not, eh? Who knows, maybe the owner of this car works for the team! Lotta road rage potential here, too. I wonder if the owner of this car drives kids to church in this car. Probably. After all, it's Texas.

If you see something, say something. Instead of cops always pulling over African-Americans because they have an air freshener, a broken taillight, or are just driving while black, how about let's have some cops pulling over Trump supporters who want everyone to die. I'd be a ton more concerned about what the driver of this car is up to than some African-American dude with an air freshener hanging from his rearview mirror. This looks like the kind of person who might be a mad bomber, a school shooter, or someone who's off to kill as many immigrants as he or she can find congregating in one place. Definitely a Q Loon who listens to FOX "News" podcasts all day. Damn. If I saw this car, I'd make the call. I mean, if you saw this car pulling into your local mall or grocery store parking lot, what would you do?