Midnight Meme Of The Day! The World's Creepiest Photo!

by Noah

Tonight I thought I'd just run with the first of DDV's recent Trump Bedroom Series because why not? Besides, with everything else going on, I would hate for people to forget just how disturbing Donnie Psycho really is. Of course, republicans don't agree but they're mental defectives so that explains that.

I'm not going to say anything else other than to invite you to make up your own little story about what is going on in the photo. Sort of a rorschach test. And, please, please keep it to yourself! If I want to read some porn, I'll just call up Clarence Thomas and ask to peruse his legendary collection of such things. Ok, well, actually not since I don't share his reported preference for the sex with animals stuff. Ever wonder what's going on in his mind while he's up there on the bench supposedly listening to cases being argued?